An Actual Cookie Dough Cafe Exists Now

Remember back in June when the FDA told us all to stop eating raw cookie dough, and millions of voices suddenly cried out in deafening terror and agony, Star Wars style? No? Well, it happened. But there’s good news, dough lovers! A cookie dough café — with safe-to-eat dough — is about to open in New York, and all of your doughy dreams will be fulfilled.

This magical cookie dough palace is called “” (pronounced “Dough”), and will open in Greenwich Village on January 25. (Yes, TOMORROW). DŌ was founded by Kristen Tomlan, who explains on the café’s website that she first got the idea for DŌ while sharing a tub of frozen cookie dough with friends. “[W]e passed around the tub, loving every bite and laughing about the lack of cookie dough designed solely for eating in its pure form,” she writes. “From there, DŌ was born.” She began selling cookie dough online and is now preparing to open her own shop.

But what about those warnings not to eat cookie dough, you ask? The risk of eating uncooked cookie dough (or any type of dough, for that matter) comes from two sources: Raw eggs, which can carry Salmonella, and raw flour, which can carry E. coli. The problem with most homemade dough is that, even if you make vegan versions with no eggs, you still have raw flour in the mix, which isn’t safe to eat. Tomlan has created cookie dough for DŌ that navigates around these issues by using a pasteurized egg substitute and heat-treated flour that are safe to consume uncooked.

“I created DŌ to let dessert lovers eat cookie dough exactly how they crave it — straight from the mixing bowl,” Tomlan said in a press release. And, indeed, you can get cookie dough straight up at DŌ, served by the scoop in cups or cones with your choice of toppings, like so:

But you can also get some fancier dough desserts, like ice cream sandwiches that have raw dough in place of cookies.

Those of you who like your cookies, you know, cooked will have options, too, like this stuffed cookie cup:

Or this ice cream sandwich:

YUM. DŌ opens in New York City tomorrow. If you’re not near NYC, you can at least check out the café’s Instagram and drool all over your computer.