You Can Get This Ridiculously Cute Corgi Light At Urban Outfitters Right Now

Urban Outfitters

I am a fully grown and adjusted woman. However, I am not above a night light. Especially when it's this corgi light at Urban Outfitters, which I am convinced will protect all of us from the monsters under our beds.

You know that awkward moment between turning the light off and hopping into bed? You hope you'll avoid the thing with long arms that waits for this dark moment to grab your ankles? Fear the dark lunge into bed no more with the Smoko Creature Light by your side. This adorable lamp takes on the form of a very round, very cute corgi. And it'll stand guard on your night side table until you feel safe enough to turn it off for the night and relax into slumber.

The lamp radiates a light that is more of a glow than harsh, fluorescent spotlight. It's a serene way to transition from day to night. Because this light is a corgi, getting into bed and powering down couldn't be cuter or ~lighter~. Forget the lingering thoughts from your day that nag you, those are the real monsters. Turn on the Smoko Creature Light and turn off your worries. The Smoko Creature Light is available at Urban Outfitters and retails for $16.

Smoko is an Australian company that produces cute home and office wares that bring a childlike wonder into our very busy, sometimes stressful adult lives. Hence, grown up with a night light. The Smoko website explains, "Smoko is Aussie slang for a short break from the daily grind of work. At Smoko, we believe that work and whimsy aren’t mutually exclusive, so we create products that encourage you to bring a little fun into your work week." The Creature Light shows up to make the Sunday Scaries a little less so.

Lamps that brighten up your space — and if I'm being honest and not at all dramatic, life — are having a moment right now. Which is great for all of us. There are lamps in all different shapes and sizes we can illuminate our dark rooms with. And instead of just being another lamp, they're whimsical and unique designs will add an extra oomph to our bedroom decor. If you're not a corgi person (first of all, how dare you), you might delight in the warm glow of the Smoko UO Exclusive Snack Light. The four options for the Snack Light include cheerful cherries, a particularly happy dumpling, a winking strawberry and a round, orange peach. Whichever snack you choose to plug in, you're bound for sweet dreams.

These lights are anything but lamps. They're more like characters that stand guard in the night and also happen to glow. Plus, they also help with upgrading your home decor.

Workdays can be long and strenuous. Make sure your bedroom's nightlife is a whimsical and helpful transition into dreamland. Whether you're afraid of the dark or not, the round glowing corgi, known as the Smoko Creature Light, will perch upon any surface to serve its purpose.