This Palette Looks Exactly Like A Crayon Box & The Colors Are Unreal

Crayons have a huge impact on the world — seriously. They allow the user to indulge their creativity, and teach us a thing or two about coloring inside and outside the lines of life. And now you can apply those philosophies to makeup with a new art tool-inspired eyeshadow palette. The Box of Crayons Eyeshadow Palette by black-owned beauty brand The Crayon Case Cosmetics is inspired by that box of Crayolas you used while growing up. The collection is specifically designed to add major pops of pigment to your lids.

The are 18 colors in this "iShadow" palette, and the formula is long-lasting. The hues are absolutely extra but in the best way. There are no boring, basic neutrals here. Instead, you can rock forest green, bright yellow, baby blue, hot pink, and more. Even the browns in this palette are "wowza!"

The Box of Crayons iShadow Palette costs $30. Each circular pan shakes out to about $1.65 each. Since you can create custom looks every single time you crack this palette open, this baby is a straight up steal.

If you are unfamiliar with The Crayson Case, the brand caters to women of color and makeup amateurs. The company offers up super pigmented products that show up beautifully on deeper skin tones.

Courtesy of The Crayon Case

Box of Crayons iShadow Palette, $30, The Crayon Case

With this palette's shades, it's a rainbow that magnetically draws the eye. There are endless color combos. You can mix two shades, six shades, or 10 shades and never repeat the same look. Extreme pigments, mattes, metallics, shimmers — this palette has it all.

Courtesy of The Crayon Case

It's like staring at a classic, 64-strong box of Crayolas.... in powder shadow form. If you haven't hopped on the adult coloring book train yet, you can still indulge your love of coloring and crayons with this palette.

If you don't naturally gravitate towards adventurous colors with your eye makeup, don't fret. You can utilize some of the bolder colors as eyeliner or lashline accents. Or you can pop them in the inner corners for additional pizzazz. There are plenty of ways to make use of all the shades and to give your eyes some added "oomph!"

Courtesy of The Crayon Case

The packaging and the presentation are super playful and will transport you to the days when filling the pages of your coloring book was your favorite recess activity.

Eye Glue Stick, $10, The Crayon Case

You are going to want your Box of Crayon shadows to stay put. Therefore, you need to prep your lids with the brand's Eye Glue Stick primer. It looks like the classic bottle of Elmer's Glue that you kept in your grade school pencil case. It will also ensure that your shadows go the distance.

Ultimately, this brand's offerings are gloriously adorbs. If you keep browsing the site, you might end up going broke.

The brand also has a powerful motto. It basically views your face as a blank canvas and the company will provide all the tools you need to create your masterpiece. It advances the notion that makeup users and products are works of art.

Courtesy of Clinique

This isn't the first time that crayons have influenced makeup products in recent times. Last year, Clinique dropped Crayola versions of its ever-popular Chubby Stick lippies.

Courtesy of Sally Hansen

Drugstore nail behemoth Sally Hansen issued a powerhouse collection of Crayola nail polishes last year, as well.

Crayon cosmetics combine nostalgia with a modern, colorful flair. Here's hoping this trend continues.