You Can Buy Your Pet A Bed That Looks Just Like A Croc

by Callie Tansill-Suddath

If you haven't heard: Crocs are cool. No, not the Floridian mega-reptile, the shoe. Crocs are undoubtedly one of the most polarizing examples of modern fashion. First created and released in 2002 as a shoe for boating, Crocs quickly became a favorite of toddlers, retirees, and fashion-forward folk of all kinds. Even other accessories have been modeled after them — remember Croc keychains? But nothing thus far compares to the glory that is a Croc for your dog. Well, not Crocs for your dog — one single big Croc-like shoe that is a pet bed.

The pet bed is the work of the Jersey Dog Company, and is not just cute, but functional. Per the product description he unique shoe design is not only enviable the bed retains no smell and is a snap to clean. The “sock” easily pulls out for easy machine washing. The entire bed is made of cushiony non-toxic odor resistant material, and you just wipe the outside clean! There’s plenty of usable space inside the bed for accommodating small- to medium-sized pets. A "roll bar" at the heel provides the perfect place for your pet to rest their furry head.

Just to be clear: these aren't actually Crocs. The beds just share a striking resemblance with he rubber, porous slip-on that captivated us in the 2000s (and 2010s, and likely until the end of time).

Prices for the pet bed vary greatly by color and location from which you are ordering. The navy one, and the pink one shown above, for instance, are $45.45 in the U.S. A yellow one is $42.37. These three are all available on Amazon Prime. A fire engine red one, however, is a whopping $107.91 and not available on Amazon Prime.

If you're still not ready to embrace the beauty of Croc-like shoes, there are plenty of other nontraditional pet bed choices for you to peruse. The fruit tart pet bed is ideal for someone with a sweet tooth and lover of all things cute and whimsical.

Fruit Tart Bed

The sponge and plus that makes up this realistic, yummy-looking pet bed is super soft, so not only will your pet look like a treat, they'll feel like they are sleeping on a cloud. But, look at all that detail! The blueberries may be the size of bowling balls, but they're hyperrealistic.

Bumble Bee Bed

The Bumblebee Pet Bed is a great option for pets who tend to be a bit anxious. The structure is enclosed, so it provides a greater level of comfort for your furry friend, and makes them look photo-ready in the process. The exterior of the polyester bed is decorated like a bumble bee with a yellow base, black stripes, an antenna, and mesh wings. You'll never have to buy your pet a Halloween costume again — this number makes every day an occasion for dressing up.

Picking a pet bed is like a glimpse into what it is like to furnish a home. What's the vibe you want to project? Do you want it to be cute or silly? If it's the latter, you know what to choose.