This Croissant Butter Soft-Serve Ice Cream Is The Most Instagrammable Dessert Of The Summer

Supermoon Bakehouse

Few things are as satisfying as eating a warm croissant is. The flake-y and buttery layers, the slight crunch as you bite into it, the soft filling on the inside... the croissant is truly the best pastry ever created. Add some melted butter on top, and you've got an absolutely irresistible treat. While it's hard to improve upon something that is already so perfect, one bakery seems to be trying. NYC's Supermoon Bakehouse has created croissant butter soft-serve ice cream, and yes, it is the summer treat you didn't know you needed in your life.

Croissant butter soft-serve might seem like a lot, but if anyone is going to make it work, it's Supermoon Bakehouse. The New York City-based bakery is known for their unique and extravagant desserts, especially when it comes to croissants - they are famous for their "cruffin," a croissant baked like a muffin that sounds like absolute heaven. Supermoon Bakehouse is a follow-up to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, a popular San Francisco bakery, with baker Ry Stephen and co-owner Aron Tzimas behind the cheeky packaging (the boxes say, "Bite Me, NYC") and elaborate items. They offer a variety of different croissants, all of which look incredibly delicious, not to mention aesthetically pleasing enough for the perfect Instagram photo.

The croissant butter soft serve is the latest creation from the Bakehouse, and it's sure to go just as viral as the cruffin did. According to the Supermoon Bakehouse website, this is their "very own house made soft serve made using the best part of our croissant, the Croissant Butter! It's a sweet, salty, buttery, icy cold f****** dream."

The Croissant Butter ice cream would be enough on it's own, because it does, indeed, sound like an icy cold dream come true. But the Bakehouse added even more: the soft serve is coated with dehydrated extra crunchy croissant crumbs made with extra salt and sugar. As if that weren't enough, it's topped with a slice of an actual croissant. Oh, and the cup it comes in is just as fun: it's a "hypercolor color changing cup and spoon that change color with heat and cold." Why do you need this cup? As the site says, it's simple: "Because it's badass." This treat is absolutely about to change the way you eat dessert.

A trip to Supermoon Bakehouse to pick up one of these bad boys is going to tempt you to buy a whole bunch of other items, because, wow, their menu is drool-worthy. Aside from the famous cruffin, they are currently celebrating Pride Month with a Pride Croissant, which is rainbow colored and very fun. Plus, $1 from every purchase of this croissant will be donated to @lgbtcenternyc.

If you're a fan of bright, colorful desserts, then you'll definitely be intrigued by the Rosemary & Blueberry Croissant, a perfect mix of savory and sweet. This is a croissant filled with rosemary creme and a house-made blueberry jam, topped with blueberry white chocolate and a sprig of rosemary. Inside, the layers are actually blue.

If you would prefer a donut, the Salted Caramel Chocolate Donut sounds incredible. It's a chocolate brioche donut filled with salted caramel and topped with a cacao nib and vanilla meringue. Or maybe you just want an extremely elaborate croissant. If that's the case, go for the Banana Split Twice Baked Croissant. Inside the croissant, you'll find an entire caramelized banana, chocolate almond creme, banana caramel sauce, and vanilla creme. It's topped with chocolate fudge, banana caramel sauce, dehydrated banana, whipped cream "bulbs," and gold leaf. Are you drooling yet?

If you want to try any of these choices (or any of the other options on their menu online or on Instagram!), head to the Supermoon Bakehouse in New York City quickly. As their site says, their menu changes often, so you'll want to grab this stuff while it's around. I might just be there getting my own serving of croissant butter soft serve!