This Dad Interviewed His Daughter Every First Day Of School For 12 Years — VIDEO

"So what's today?" a paternal voice says in the background, trying to steady the camera on the small girl fidgeting on the couch. "School!" replies a young girl named Mackenzie, as her father, Kevin Scruggs, documents her first day of first grade. When Kevin Scruggs decided to interview his daughter on her first day of every year and eventually compiled it into a video called "12 Grades Of First Day Interviews — Happy Graduation Sweetheart," he not only won the coolest parent award, but most creative. What started out as a bright idea ended up touching the hearts of YouTubers!

After 12 years of stock piling videos from over the years, Scruggs finally released the compilation of heartwarming clips and allowed viewers to watch how his daughter Mackenzie grew up over the years, as a way to congratulate his daughter on completing high school. Viewers on YouTube also thought this was a sweet idea — at over one million views and counting, if the cute clips don't make you go all jelly-like, the song playing in the background definitely will.

But Scruggs isn't a videographer with a ton of followers waiting for his next video. According to his Youtube profile, this is Scruggs' first one. For an first-timer's mashup of video clips, over a million views isn't bad at all! Fun fact: Scruggs is a life coach and author. This explains why he's so good at tugging at your heart strings for three whole minutes.

If you missed this tear-jerker, originally posted on Reddit, according to Yahoo, take a seat! Engage with 12 years done particularly well in under five minutes:

Kevin Scruggs on YouTube

Scruggs video is genius because it has all of the makings of going viral. Babies? Check. Nostalgia? Check. Acoustic version of Cyndi Lauper's 1980s hit "Time After Time"? Check. If that doesn't make you melt, then the last moments of the video as the daddy-daughter duo trade "I love you's" will make you all gooey just in time for Father's Day.

And commenters on Reddit couldn't agree more that this was an impressive way to celebrate your kid!

This definitely challenges Millennial parents to step their game up. It just isn't enough to create an Instagram account for your kids anymore! Now, you have to give brief, relatable glimpses into your life or very personal pieces that they won't want to look away from. Give them stories and memorable moments that make them smile! Give them evolution! Most of all, give them all of your best memories over a classic song.