Cocofloss Is The Instagram-Worthy Oral Care That You've Been Missing

Flossing your teeth is one of those weird steps that everyone love to skip. It takes up extra time and can be extremely painful — until now. Making the oral care step easier than ever, Cocofloss uses coconut oil to make flossing easier than ever. It's less painful, tastes better, and has some of the same benefits as oil pulling. Oh, and it was created by a dentist, so you already know it's good. Here's everything you need to know to step up your oral care game.

Whether it's in a roll or on a stick, dental floss hasn't come very far since the very beginning. But this company is changing that. Cocofloss combines coconut oil and essential oils to protect teeth, help gum inflation, and even combat yellowing teeth. On top of all of that it's also designed to not hurt your teeth as you floss. As the company describes it, Cocofloss is a loofah for your teeth. It's thicker, has a more porous texture, and was designed by California dentist, Dr. Chrystle Cu, who was trying to get her sister to floss more, according to the Sephora website.

Ready for the best part? It's completely affordable and comes in four flavors — mint, strawberry, coconut, and orange. A single package of 32 yards of floss costs $8 on the Cocofloss or Sephora website. You can also get a pack of three for $21.

Cocofloss Three-Piece, $21, Cocofloss

If you end up loving the oral care item, you can get it sent straight to your door. Cocofloss offers a subscription service call the Floss Plan. For just $3.50 a month, you can make sure that you never go without floss again. You can choose your favorite flavors or have them come on repeat, so you can try them all.

Everyone can get in on this floss trend too. The products are gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. Add to that the Instagram-worthy packaging and there's no reason not to step up your oral care game, my friends. You can even get three dollars off when you refer a friend.

Cocofloss Single, $8, Sephora

All of the flavors are currently in stock on the Sephora website. So what are you waiting for? A floss like this is way too good to pass up.