This Disney Princess Nail Art Is Going Viral On Instagram & It's So Magical

Vivian Xue Rahey

It doesn't matter that you're no longer 10 years old and sticking Disney stickers to your furniture — for some of us, the Disney princess obsession never dies. That's why when Vivian Xue Rahey's Disney nail art began to blow up on Instagram, people began to take notice. It doesn't matter that we have student debt and rent payments — we're all still little kids at heart and enjoy a good Aurora depiction.

Revelist first spotted the freehand nail artist Xue Rahey and her mind-boggling designs, highlighting her creative work. Specializing in stiletto and coffin-shaped nails, her Instagram is full of painstakingly painted manicures that depict a wide range of aesthetics — from Louis Vuitton logos, to the Mona Lisa, to a zombie version of Homer and Bart. CEO of the premier nail art salon named Pamper Nail Gallery in Fremont California, her establishment offers sculpted extensions, nail overlays, and freehand nail art as part of their services.

The salon space itself is really cool, where Xue Rahey chose a spacious, modern, and industrial setting to inspire creativity and put clients in the mood for art.

It's "like Disneyland for nails," their homepage reads, and Disney is why we're here. There are so many Disney-inspired sets across Xue Rahey's Instagram that it's hard to pin down just one favorite. From the evil witches, to glow-in-the-dark effect, to depictions of pivotal story arch scenes, it's not what you would expect. Below are just a few that stand out.

Princess Tiana Set

"The only @disney princess that started her own business," Xue Rahey wrote in her caption, paying homage to the entrepreneurial Tiana. As you can see in the photo, the fun thing about these manis is that a scene transpires across all five fingers. Tiana and Prince Naveen take up two fingers, but then the forest scene and a contrasting glitter nail take up the rest of the mani.

Sleeping Beauty Set

Rather than going with a glossy finish like the Tiana nail set, this manicure is matte. Here we have Aurora lost underneath her sleeping spell, with her hair pillowing out onto the ring finger. The curse cast on her takes shape on the client's pinky and thumb finger by being depicted as purple and bright magenta fog — which also happen to be the colors of Maleficent.

Mulan Set

"The Matchmaker is my spirit animal," Xue Rahey wrote. This Mulan nail art is amazing because it pays tribute to the cartoon in a different way — it captures that moment when Mulan realizes she isn't cut out for the homemaking life. And she realizes that when she accidentally douses the matchmaker with tea. Featuring Cricket taking a hot soak in her tea cup, and then the matchmaker in her ink beard and running makeup, it tells the story perfectly across five fingers.

Cinderella Set

This manicure is next level, mainly because it glows in the dark! Depicting the moment that Fairy Godmother appears and transforms Cinderella into a woman fit for a magical night at the ball, we have our heroine in her cleaning scarf on one finger, in her magic-weaved ball gown on the other, and the Godmother that brought it all together in the middle. But then when your mani is in the dark, the Godmother finger glows a bright blue, making her feel all the more enchanted.

Pocahontas Set

Pocahontas is caught here in the moment where she painted with all the colors of the wind, with her hair whipping across the whole manicure as leaves swirl. She is meant to be standing in front of a sunset, where the pink colors move from a soft baby pink to a bright coral.

Ariel Set

The rebellious mermaid princess got captured on shorter stiletto nails, where she's underwater and surrounded by the purples and greens that are synonymous with her story.

As you can see, this Disney nail art is next level. It's so good, in fact, that chances are your next salon appointment might just have you leaving with a Tiana or Snow White manicure of your own. It's hard not to pull inspiration from it!