This Dog Blowout April Fools' Day Prank Is Too Cute

Update: Alas, on Apr. 1, Wag revealed via their Instagram that this was all sadly an April Fools' Day prank. Maybe someday we'll finally get to match hairdos with our floofy besties!

Earlier: If you've always dreamed of twinning with your four-legged bestie, all of your dreams are about to come true because dog blowouts are a thing now, and you can even get a matching one with your floofy friend. Dog-walking app Wag! and on-demand beauty service Glamsquad have partnered to offer people and their pets matching hairdos. So, if you don't have a human twin at least you and your canine companion can rock the same hairstyle, which is clearly the next best thing. Because, why not? "Starting in April, Glamsquad will begin to introduce each look, starting with the 'Poodle Pouf' and the 'Off-Duty Dog Do'," the companies revealed on Mar. 28, according to Cision. While the timing might seem suspect, this is no April Fools' Day prank.

It's no secret that more and more people are choosing to parent pets instead of humans, and just because your fur baby speaks in barks instead of human babble, that doesn't mean they don't deserve the same beauty care as their mamas. "We're taking the pup-parent relationship to another level. With so many breeds out there, we've created a variety of hair styles to match your dog's unique mane," Glamsquad Creative Director Giovanni Vaccaro said in the announcement. "We are excited to be able to connect with puppy parents and bring them even closer with their beloved pets through this partnership," added Glamsquad CEO Amy Shecter.

The only catch is that your dog has to have a shaggy do already because, obviously, short-haired pups can't rock a blowout. However, if you really want to share your beauty routine with fur-challenged Fido, I suppose you can sport matching buzz cuts. If you're a puppy mama with a long-haired doggo, though, you can officially forgive your dog for all of the shedding, because that long hair means you can achieve your twinning goals like a boss.

"We're happy to partner with another forward-thinking and dog-loving brand like Glamsquad," Wag! CEO Hilary Schneider said in the news release. "My two Black Russian Terriers, Sadie and Zoe, have the most incredible texture to their coats. I can't wait to be able to have a stylist match my hair to their manes perfectly." Seriously, this takes grooming goals to a whole new level. And, the best part? This on-demand service come to you, and will begin rolling out city by city this month across the country. This means that you and your fur baby could be rocking matching dos in time for summer.

If your dog doesn't resemble you in some way, you might be in the minority. The BBC reported that people tend to select pets that have similar characteristic as themselves. "Maybe this is all due to the allure of familiarity: a dog may seem more comforting if it resembles the other members of our family, who we know and love," David Robson reported for the BBC. "Yet some psychologists believe it might be a spill over from the way we evolved to find mates: dating someone that looks like us may ensure that their genes are generally compatible with our own. Thanks to this imprinting, we may therefore prefer anything that looks a bit like us."

Just like human mamas like styling their kids' hair similar to their own, wanting your dog's do to match yours is human nature. So, calling on Wag! and the Glamsquad to give you and your pup the same hair style is actually not weird at all. You know, just in case you're on the fence about this. If the 'Poodle Pouf' and the 'Off-Duty Dog Do' don't match you and your dog, fear not. Wag! and Glamsquad will be rolling out additional styles soon so there's no need to have major FOMO as long as you and your pooch can exercise some patience. Personally, I'd like to see the twinning hipster-handlebar-mustache look so dudes and their dogs can participate too.

Whatever style you choose to share with your pup, it's important to make sure that hairdo makes sense for your particular breed of dog. And, not all dogs enjoy getting all gussied up. "Despite a general willingness to adapt to two-legged family life, your furry friend may not benefit from a new haircut every few weeks — or any haircut at all," Sandra King explained on The Nest. "Some breeds, like the German shepherd, sport a double coat that protects their skin and should remain intact. Others, like the mighty Shih Tzu or beloved poodle, may enjoy changing hairstyles as frequently as you change yours."

That being said, regular grooming of your fur-baby bestie can help you bond with one another. If you really want to commit, you can get the LICKI Brush, which actually allows you to groom your cat or dog with a synthetic tongue you attach to your own mouth. If this is a little too close for comfort for you, though, just brush your floofy pup the old-fashioned way. "The time you spend brushing, trimming and fluffing your long-haired puppy gives you an opportunity to bond, introduce obedience, and keep an eye out for any strange lumps, bumps or lesions that may signal a trip to the vet," King noted. Once you both look glam AF, take each other out on the town so you can both get some well-deserved oohs and aahhs, if that's your jam. If not, these twinning pet and parent hairdos are super Instagrammable so they're sure to get you tons of likes.