This Selfie Stick Was Specifically Designed To Get The Perfect Pic With Your Dog

Taking a photo of a dog can be frustrating. They'll be looking at you with the cutest face, but when you go to snap a pic, they look away and it's just not the same. How are you supposed to make your friends jealous about the fact that you're hanging out with a dog if the picture looks bad? The solution is this dog selfie attachment that will keep your pet focused on the camera... or at least that's how it will appear.

As pointed out by Pop Sugar, the Woofie is a phone attachment that holds a treat so your dog will look at it and therefore appear to be looking at the phone's camera. It's literally just a piece of plastic with two notches in it, but since there isn't another convenient way of steadying a Milk-bone on your phone, here we are.

While the Woofie can be used for taking photos of your pet alone, it might be most useful for selfies with your pet where it would be impossible to hold a treat and your phone in front of you and your pet and take the picture. If you're interested in the Woofie, it costs $9.50 and is available in gray, green, and pink.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Woofie isn't the only gadget meant to help people take photos of dogs. There's also the Pooch Selfie, a similar attachment to the Woofie, but which holds a tennis ball rather than an edible treat. The Pooch Selfie comes with a tennis ball, and the site notes that there's something extra pet owners can do to make sure their dogs continue to want to take pictures the next time they do something cute or visit a new location:

After taking pictures with your dog, you may want to throw the ball a few times. This will help teach your dog that modeling for pictures is actually fun & worthwhile.

Then, there's this attachment from Reizsz that goes on the back of a cell phone with a suction cup and holds a treat. While this one wouldn't really work for a selfie (unless you attached it to the front and blocked the screen), it should keep your dog's attention when taking a regular picture. It also works as a phone stand when it's not being used to take pics.

Finally, there's this version that can work for selfies or traditional photos and is more of a chip clip style. You attach it to your phone and then clip on a treat. Because of the adjustable neck, this one can get the treat closer to your pet while you take the photo. Is that helpful? This guy looks pretty interested:

These tools should help you end up with pictures of your dog actually looking at the camera, which is great, but just be careful if your dog is one that will do anything to get to a treat. You could end up with a very slobbery cell phone.