This Dog’s Reaction To Her Birthday Cake Will Restore Your Faith In The Universe

You may think that the universal language is love or even music. But you’re wrong. It’s cake. If you need proof, look no further than this dog’s reaction to her personalized birthday cake.

Lucy, the dog, recently blessed the earth with another year of her existence. Christopher Vrankovic, her human, celebrated that momentous occasion with a professionally made, dog-friendly cake. Vrankovic tells Today he needed some initial coaxing from his wife Jackie to justify spending human money on a dog birthday cake. "To me it seemed like a very frivolous thing to buy, a custom cake for a dog," he tells Today. But like the caption to his photo says, “Her reaction was worth every penny."

The $20 peanut butter cake is decorated with dog treats and reads “Happy Birthday Lucy” in frosting. They ordered it from The Barkery in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, just in case you’re in the Tewksbury area and you have a dog that deserves to be celebrated. Just to clarify: if you have a dog, they deserve to be celebrated.

Vrankovic shared his dog’s reaction on Imgur and Reddit, and the internet has eaten up the photo like Lucy ate that cake. Rightfully so, because Lucy is all of us reacting to birthday cake.

Lucy has mastered the gyze. That’s where you gasp with your eyes. Find someone who looks at you the way Lucy looks at her personalized cake.

If you don’t live near a place that sell dog-friendly birthday cakes, you should probably move. Or you can just make your own using one of these homemade dog treat recipes. You could also make those treats if you looked at Lucy’s cake and one of your first thoughts was “...but, like, do you think it tastes good?” I mean, I’m not going to recommend you eat a cake made for a dog. But I won’t stop you. Regardless, if you celebrate your dog's birthday with a cake, homemade or otherwise, you are now required by internet law to post a photo of their reaction.

Finally, a special shoutout to Lucy, if you’re reading this: 1) V cool that you’re literate 2) Happy Birthday! The world celebrates you.