This Dolls Kill x Trolls Clothing Collab Will Throw You Right Back To The '90s

Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill is ready to throw you back into your childhood with its newest collection. Dolls Kill x Good Luck Trolls teamed up together for a collaboration in honor of Trolls' 60 anniversary. (Dolls Kill carries sizes XS to XL in straight sizes, and 1X to 3X in plus sizes.) If you have trouble remembering the Trolls dolls, they're the naked little guys that have gem bellybuttons and wild hair. The end result of the collab is a quirky 23 piece collection that's infused with the personalities of the toys.

The capsule line launched April 5, letting you stock up your spring wardrobe with PVC, rainbow graphics, and gemstone hues. The collection carries everything from two-piece dresses to leather jackets to fuzzy scrunchies that mimic the dolls' hair.

Trolls were a huge fad in the 1960s and resurrected every decade to become part of each generation's childhood. If you grew up in the '90s, then you might remember that there were both video games and video shows featuring the puffy-haired guys. Now celebrating its 60 anniversary, Trolls wanted to reconnect with '90s kids and become part of their adulthood. There is no better way to do that than through clothes.

But that is not to say that this collection is childish. The line is packed with edgy pieces that either reinvent the iconic dolls or re-imagines them into twenty-something fashions. Just take the Dolls Kill x Trolls personality tees, which transform the characters into goths and emos. Or the PVC two-piece dress that's meant to show off your underwear. Check out the collection below.

Troll Doll Backpack

Wear one of your favorite childhood toys as a backpack this upcoming season. The naked character adds a quirky touch to any outfit, and the hot pink shock of hair adds a pop of color.

Troll Doll Scrunchies

Channel Trolls with the help of scrunchies. The hair accessories are furry and colorful, letting you transform your ponytail or top knot into troll hair.

Emo Troll Dolls Shirt

Relive your teenage angst with the help of this emo Trolls tank.

Troll Doll Leather Jacket

Just because it's officially spring doesn't mean you can put away all of your outerwear. Add a flash of color to your outfit with the help of this Trolls-inspired faux leather jacket. Its collar boasts four different furry colors: acid green, hot pink, sapphire blue, and bright yellow.

Troll Doll Two-Piece Set

If you want to go more on-the-nose with your Trolls appreciation, then this two-piece set is for you. It features a busy Trolls print on both the shirt and cropped pants, along with blue fur-trimmed cuffs on the cropped trousers.

If you want to relive your childhood while simultaneously infusing your wardrobe with playful pieces, then this Dolls Kill x Trolls collection is perfect.