You Can Win A 5-Day Hunting Trip With Don Jr., If That’s Your Jam

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A hunting advocacy group is running a raffle whose prize is time with the president's eldest son. After paying a small fee, contestants will be entered to win a hunting trip with Donald Trump Jr., according to the Hunter Nation website, which describes the contest as "truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

"Join Donald Trump, Jr., the modern-day Teddy Roosevelt, in Utah for a 5-day adventure hunting elk in some of the most majestic land our great country has to offer," the sweepstake description reads. "You will have to go a long way to find a bigger advocate for our hunting lifestyle and a more passionate hunter and conservationist than Don, Jr."

The hunt is expected to take place in the fall of 2019, although an official date has not been set, per the website. Bustle has reached out to Trump Jr. for comment.

Trump Jr. is known to be an enthusiastic hunter, something that he has said he promotes among his children, as well. “I don’t want my kids growing up to be city kids,” he told The New Yorker back in 2016, when his father was still on the campaign trail. “You can’t stay out all night partying if you’re waking up at four or five to head to the tree stand.”

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The organization is running several different raffles, according to its website. The hunting trip with Trump Jr. is just one of them.

The organization advocates for hunting, as well as for hunters, which the group believes are the best protectors of both land and wildlife, according to its website. Hunter Nation's description points to former President Teddy Roosevelt as an example, writing, "Teddy Roosevelt understood that it was the conservation efforts of the American Hunter that would ensure that our national herds and flocks would continue to thrive."

Roosevelt is a very popular icon among hunting advocates, Trump Jr. included. “He was a big hunter and started much of the conservation movement in this country, which is why we have as much public land as we do,” Trump Jr. told The New Yorker of Roosevelt in the same piece from 2016, noting that "he was all about getting away from the city and out into the woods."

The group running the raffle promotes such ideas both in practice and in policy. In its organizational description, Hunter Nation argues that "it takes management systems based on science and factual data, not emotion, to properly manage habitats and animal populations." They are committed to bolstering such ideas by, in part, promoting legislative action, per their website. Specifically, they say, they aim to "support laws and policies that restore as much land and wildlife management authority back to State Fish and Game Agencies."

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Trump Jr. has not yet publicly addressed his participation in the raffle, and it appears that some details may still be in the works, considering that an official date has not been posted. There is also no official deadline to enter the sweepstakes, although the website notes that it is "coming soon."