This Disturbing Double Lash Look Is An Optical Illusion In The Truest Sense

We have a new winner for Thanksgiving dinner makeup: the double lash. sure, your Nana will drop the bowl of cranberry sauce when you sashay into the house, but the reaction will be worth it. Nay, even encouraged.

At first the look may sound like the super thick-faux lash treatment where you double down on falsies and create a fringe across your eyelid. While that sounds equally as cool, this look takes it onto a whole new, surrealist level.

Yes, you use two lash strips to achieve the style. But one of them doesn't end up on your lash line. Intrigued yet?

PopSugar first spotted the look on Alexa Link's Instagram page, a beauty vlogger that posts a new look every. single. day. This particular makeup creation was number 643 (!!). You can imagine how partaking in a challenge that makes you post a new makeup idea daily leads you to think way outside of the box, like foolinf around with lashes. After all, there are only so many smoky eyeshadow reiterations you can do.

For the double lash look, Link mascaraed her lashes, business as usual, and then lined her inner eye with blue. Bold choice, some would say, but not outrageous. Grandma is still holding onto the cranberries. Then she gets a little avant-garde on us and does a cat-eye-slash-raccoon-eye hybrid, ringing her lids in a retro almond shape using that same blue. Gran's not sure what to make of it, but the cranberries are still secure.

But then the piece de resistance comes in: Link takes a set of fake lashes, and glues them above and below this ringed outline, creating a wild, four lashed look that is the stuff of modern art. This is the part where the bowl crashes onto the rug. Brilliant and disturbing!

As one commenter perfectly put it, "four lashes instead of two makes it easier not to see the haters."

Other followers were just as enamored with the creativity. One wrote, "This is my favorite look that you’ve ever done," while another pitched in, "The weirdest most stunning thing I’ve ever seen."

If you want to recreate the look yourself, Link wrote that she used Sigma Beauty Standout Peacock Gel Liner and one pair of Sugarpill's Saint Eyelashes and another pair of Sinnocent lashes. Prepare to get weird.

To get you inspired on other wild Thanksgiving Day looks, here are some more of her creative takes throughout her bold challenge.


Metal Lined Brows

Not only is her brow painted the same Merlot red as that killer liner, but it is also accented with a metallic outline. Even if you don't feel bold enough to paint your arches a new color for the evening, tinkering around with a subtle, silver outline could be a fun new thing to try for the weekend.


Frosty Blue Tips

This. Is. Everything. The cat eye is painted an icy blue, only accented further with a metallic shimmer shadow that makes you think of ice caves and sparkling geodes. But the real star in this scene is the blue lashes. Painted the same color as the liner, they look like something out of a fairy tale.


Cartoon Liner

With abstract flicks, Links creates a deconstructed cat eye that makes you think of either Pop Art or cartoons.

Links obviously has a creative eye when it comes to makeup. Since she's posting a new look every single day, here's to seeing what she comes up with next.