Disney Fans Love Besame's 'Snow White' Palette Already

Princesses have been getting a whole lot of love from the makeup world, but never quite like this. According to the post on their website, Besame Cosmetics is creating a Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Palette, and fans are freaking out. Don't just think that this is another pretty palette though. The brand did a lot of Disney research to get the the right shades, and from first glance it looks like it has definitely paid off.

Whoever said movie magic has to stay in the theatre was so very wrong. Besame's new collaboration takes everything you love about the original Snow White film and puts it in a palette that you can actually use. Think: 20 matte shades that will instantly transport you to a world of Disney. According to Hello Giggles, there will also be a four-piece lipstick collection along with it. You'll be able to transform yourself into the princess once and for all.

"Through extensive and careful research, we have painstakingly hand selected and matched the colors from the original color palette provided by Disney's Ink and Paint Department to bring you a beautiful and authentic recreation of the colors from the classic 1937 film," it says on the Besame website. "Experience the truly timeless and stunning beauty of the original animation in a brand new way."

Although the exact product has not been revealed on social media yet, the Besame Instagram post does say that the Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Palette will be available at the D23 Expo. The collection will range from $15 to $68, according to Hello Giggles, and there is currently no word on when or if the palette will available at Besame's online retailers.

According to Hello Giggles, this is only the beginning of Snow White products to come. The publication says that there will be other eyeshadow palettes as well as creme blushes on the way too.

“She has two looks in the film, and the colors that you’ll get are from both," Bésame’s founder Gabriela Hernandez tells Hello Giggles. "The two other eight-shadow palettes have to do with her iconic outfit and her rags outfit, so you can either be Snow at the wishing well or the iconic Snow White."

Even with only a small sneak peek, fans are excited about the collection. Here's some of the tweet that wrap the launch up perfectly.

The emoji says it all.

Actual footage of me looking at the palette.

Someone help!

I can't wait to see the looks that people create with these stunning shades.