This Etsy Store Sells LUSH-Themed Jewelry That's Every Bath Bomb Fan's Dream Gift

If you're a LUSH lover, you're going to freak out over this new Etsy shop that pays homage to the bath and body store. It's no secret that a vast majority of people love the chain's amazing bath bombs. From filling up your bath experience with soothing smells, glittery water, mesmerizing colors to rich, skin soothing ingredients, it's hard not to become a mega fan. But are you obsessed enough to rock a bath-bomb-inspired charm bracelet? The Etsy store Arts & Candies creates LUSH inspired jewelry to cater to those who take their love for body products seriously. And you'll want to rock the colorful creations.

Founded in 2008, Arts & Candies has written permission from LUSH Cosmetics to create an official line of jewelry for the brand. Based in the UK and created by a polymer clay artists, these trinkets are like wearable art. You know how a LUSH bath bomb isn't just fizzy soap you pop into the bath tub, but a whole magical experience of color and glitter? The same goes for these accessories.

Plus, with these trinkets, you can get a LUSH product that actually lasts, and doesn't melt away in three minutes or less.

In order to get your own, you have to put in a custom request through the Etsy shop, being specific on which products you want featured. Send in a couple of pictures of your favorite products, and give it a few weeks for the bauble to make its way to your front door. To give you an idea on what you can create, let's check out some of the past orders.


LUSH Phone Case

LUSH Inspired Snow Fairy iPhone Case For iPhone 6/6s, $48.50, Arts & Candies

Adorn your phone with your favorite bath products with this cute case. Embedded in a clear case that looks like glittery bath water, it gives you the illusion that all your favorite products tipped into the bath and are floating among the stars and bubbles. Featuring body conditioner bottles and bath bombs, it's a hodge-podge of products you'll wish you currently have lined up in your bathroom.


LUSH Charm Bracelet

LUSH Charm Bracelet, Arts & Candies

If you would like to wear a charm around your wrist with all your most-loved products, this LUSH charm bracelet is just the ticket. You can pick out your favorite soaps, shampoos, and bath bombs, and send the pictures over to create a replica of your bathroom shower caddy. While bath bombs disappear in two seconds, this bracelet is forever.


LUSH Earrings

LUSH Earrings, Arts & Candies

If you would prefer to have something a little more subtle, dainty charm earrings are an option. You can wear a sparkly bath bomb or your favorite shower gel from your earlobes.


LUSH Keychains

LUSH Keychain, Arts & Candies

If cute, kitschy jewelry isn't your thing, you can rock the bath products on a key chain and hang your house keys from it. From Candy Floss to Snow Fairy products, anything is up for grabs for this cascading products design. Or if you're not one much for key chains, this can also double as a decorative purse clip.


LUSH Rings

LUSH Rings, Arts & Candies

Throw some whimsy into your ring game with a few bottles of shower gels, body conditioners, or shampoos winking from your fingers. You can mix them with your more serious bands for a quirky look, or wear them exclusively to highlight your love for body products.

From playful charm bracelets to fun purse clips, there's a little something for every LUSH lover. The only hard part is going to be trying to narrow down the vast amount of products you love to fit on one piece. There are just too many to choose...