This Exclusive Clip Of 'The Mick' Shows Kaitlin Olson Makes A Hilarious Hot Mess — VIDEO

Following her hilarious turn as It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Dee, Kaitlin Olson will tackle another sitcom lead in her new Fox series, The Mick. The show follows the fish-out-of-water story of Mackenzie (Olson), an irresponsible hustler who relocates from Rhode Island to Connecticut when her sister and her husband must flee the country to avoid federal fraud charges, leaving Mackenzie to take over as their children’s inept parental guardian. It isn’t slated to premiere until Jan. 1, but Bustle has a sneak peek of The Mick via an exclusive clip (below).

In it, Mackenzie roams around her sister’s extravagant estate, wreaking havoc on both the house and its employees. She throws tennis balls at the maid, gets dangerously close to her sister’s wedding dress with a glass of red wine, and falls over a balcony. Sofia Black D’Elia (Gossip Girl, The Night Of) stars as her bratty niece, and Thomas Barbusca and Jack Stanton play her nephews.

The full The Mick trailer adds a little more context, examining her dysfunctional relationships. She goes to her estranged sister in search of money, which she initially refuses. But when the sister gets arrested, she promises to get Mackenzie the money if she takes care of the kids. Over the course of her stay, Mackenzie (aka Mickey) drugs her niece, gets her nephew into a fight, and doles out plenty of misguided advice.

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You've probably already seen Olson play Always Sunny’s disheveled Dee, but this cranks her hot mess character to level 10. The Mick seems over the top in the best kind of way, and it looks like one hell of an entertaining ride. Plus, watching a woman who doesn’t give a damn try to get her life together sounds like the perfect show to catch the day after New Year's Eve. Cheers, Mackenzie.