This $9 Wine Glass Floats In The Pool & Stands Upright In The Sand

by Lia Beck

Summer is here, which means... well, it probably means still going to work no matter how much you wish you had the season off like when you were a kid. If that is the case for you, there are still some things you can do to lessen the blow, like going to the pool or the beach every chance you get or drinking a nice glass of chilled wine — or both! If you're interested in the latter, a floating wine glass could come in handy.

Sure, a glass of wine is fine on its own, but a floating wine glass really represents a special kind of relaxation. A floating wine glass says, "I need to self-care so hard that I have special accoutrements for the occasion." A person who drinks from a floating wine glass doesn't just want to relax, they don't even want to stop one type of relaxing (chilling in a pool) to do another (drinking their damn wine).

Anyway... if you would like a floating wine glass of your own, they're currently for sale on Firebox, a site that sells a variety of quirky products. Their floating wine glasses sell for $8.99 each and are hot pink. In addition to floating, the glass — well, OK, to be clear, it's actually plastic — can be stabbed into the ground because the bottom is shaped like a spear rather than being flat. This means it would work well at a sandy beach, but also on any ground that isn't too hard.

The only issue someone using the glass might run into is the fact that it can't be set down on a table or flat surface. What if you get out of the pool and take your beverage with you to grab some food. You can't put it down! Ah, the irony.

Of course, the floating and stabbing wine glass does not just have to be used for wine. As Firebox notes, "Take it in the pool. Take it in the sea. Of course, we’re legally required to discourage you mad lot from taking a drunken dip, but there ain’t nothing wrong with mainlining a little bit of Fanta Lemon mid-breaststroke." (You probably should also not chug soda while in the middle of doing actual swimming. Just sayin'.)

Firebox is not the only site to sell floating and stabbing wine and Fanta glasses. Uncommon Goods sells a set of two clear Outdoor Wine Glasses (they float, too) for $22. The Beach Glass, which only sells this sort of thing, has a variety of options, including the original style in 14 different colors, a champagne flute in five colors, and a wine glass in a different shape in eight colors. All of these glasses are $10.99 each. The site also sells beach glass accessories. There's even a tray that let's the glasses stay upright if you do need to put them on a table or other hard surface. True innovation right there.

Whatever you use your stabby and floaty pool/yard/beach/bath glass for — Wine? Soda? Water? A mixture of wine, soda, and water inspired by Liz Lemon? — just remember to relax. And that your wine glass doesn't have a flat bottom and can't be set down on a table.