This Fresh Dog Food Is Changing The Game When It Comes To Nutrition


Is there a joy more pure than a dog realizing it's mealtime? Dog lovers know the answer — and it's a resounding "no." Our furry friends lead simple lives with stretches of naps, belly rubs, and walks punctuated only by those moments of bliss when their humans shake the kibble bag, letting them know that it's time to eat.

And as pet owners, we know there's literally nothing more important than our animals' wellbeing. So why do we keep reaching for bags of kibble that contain fillers and other additives like “meat flavor”?

Enter: NomNomNow. If you haven’t yet heard about the fresh dog food brand that's completely upending the pet nutrition industry, it’s high time you learned. The word is spreading quickly: NomNomNow was recently voted the #1 dog food delivery service.

And it's not hard to see why: NomNomNow has perfected every aspect of dog nutrition — from cooking up fresh, delicious meals in kitchens they own and operate, to calibrating individualized recipes, to offering a convenient (not to mention free!) home delivery system.

Plus, their recipes are formulated by Dr. Justin Shmalberg (one of less than a hundred veterinary nutritionists in the country), with human-grade ingredients that you can see, perfectly portioned to your dog’s specific needs, and delivered straight to you.

With fresh dog food recipes like Tasty Turkey Fare, Chicken Chow-Wow, and Porkalicious Potluck, your pooch will have plenty of healthy meal varieties to choose from. Here are some facts that you should know about the brand that's changing the way people think about pet food.

They're Building A Fresh Foundation That's Revolutionizing The Industry

You wouldn't dream of exclusively eating dried, processed food. So shouldn't the same also apply to your beloved dog? Some pet parents resort to cooking their own food, but portion size and nutrition can be tough to navigate. NomNomNow is changing the way we feed our pets by offering an alternative to kibble that is just as easy to feed and oftentimes more nutritionally sound. They take the benefit of home-cooked dog food that is freshly made using human-grade ingredients and add the convenience of shipping it directly to you, always fresh, never frozen.

They Take A 360-Degree View At Dog Health

Just like human nutrition, dog nutrition is far from one-dimensional. Feeding an excellent diet is key, but there are things we can do to give our dogs the very best starting with treats. NomNomNow’s offers healthy dog treats made in the same facility as their dog food using human-grade ingredients and no additives or preservatives. NomNomNow also offers two types of probiotics for dogs formulated by their veterinary nutrition and microbiology teams.

For pet parents who want to gain a deeper understanding of their dog’s health, NomNomNow has created a Microbiome Kit that could be helpful to you if your dog suffers from digestive, skin, immune system, or weight issues.

Curious to see how your dog will like it? NomNomNow has a special limited time offer of 50% off customers' first orders of their fresh, made-to-order, and personalized meals!

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