This 'GoT' Pet Merch Will Leave You & Your Fur Baby Looking Like Real Stans


Unsurprisingly, Game of Thrones has taken over all most every inch of social media and, TBH, season eight is all that's worth talking about RN. Watching the final series of Game of Thrones has become a bit of a ritual. You have to find the comfiest spot on the sofa, make sure you have a blanket, and preferably tissues to hand. The more lucky viewers will also have their pet snuggled up to them for emotional support, but don’t they deserve to share in the fandom? Here are the seven best pieces of Games of Thrones merchandise for pets. Not only will they look like the coolest pooch or kitty on the block but it will take your love of Game of Thrones to a whole new level.

It's safe to say that Game of Thrones pretty much broke the internet when it returned for its final season. The series isn’t even half way through and there has been enough drama, shocks, and tears to last me a lifetime. It's nice to share your interests (or your obsessions) with your loved ones and who could be more loved than your household furry pal? If you think it's time for them to get involved with the GoT fandom it couldn’t be easier to get your hands on some merch for them.



I firmly believe there is nothing cuter on this planet that a little doggo or kitty wearing a bandana. It is regal. Etsy has all the GoT fans out there covered when it comes to pet merch. Whether you want to make it clear that your Dire Wolf is in training or that your feline is actually a furry dragon these bandanas will have your pets looking fab and you looking like the true fan you are.



Let’s be honest, everyone thinks their own pet is the cutest and coolest. Yours will really look it if you take them out for their daily walk with a GoT lead on. A patchwork design of the GoT houses and logo, your pet will look fierce strutting down the road in this. It is also a great conversation starter



The news that B&M were going to start stocking GoT pet merch in time for the release of series eight was almost too much excitement for me. It only feels right that as you snuggle up on the sofa to watch the drama unfold your furry friend should also be donning some serious fan fashion. This t-shirt couldn’t be more cute or perfect.


Bow Tie

Series eight of Game of Thrones is special because it marks the end. Many of the characters in the show are pretty regal. If you want to dress your pet for the occasion then these cat or dog bow ties should do the trick. Whether they are house Targaryen or Stark they will look fancy af rocking up on the sofa to watch each episode. They will put you and your pjs to shame.



From cat teasers to rope pulls B&M has a whole host of GoT themed pet toys which will keep your fluffy friends entertained for hours. With a squeaky dragon egg, Stark, Lannister, or Targaryen cat teaser, and Ghost rope ring you could really go to town and spoil your pet. And if they’re not as engrossed in each episode as you they’ll work as the perfect distraction.


Food & Water Bowl

Among many things, the feasts on Game of Thrones look epic. While you might not be feeding your pet whole roast pigs you can still treat them at dinner time. This “Food Is Coming” bowl is not only very relevant but it is the perfect addition to any GoT fan’s kitchen.


Dragon Harness

While this isn’t strictly Game of Thrones merch it is an essential for anyone who fancies themselves as the mother of dragons. Perfect for Halloween or any Sunday night screening of Game of Thrones this harness will have your pet looking seriously adorable. You will give Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons a run for their money.


Thanks to the success of Game of Thrones it couldn't be easier to kit out your pampered pet with all things GoT. A quick Google search will lead you down a rabbit hole of Lannister t-shirts, and Stark food bowls but I guarantee any purchase will be a great idea.