This 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Clue Will MAJORLY Change Things For Gilly

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

No show in the world has quite as powerful and dedicated a fanbase as Game of Thrones, which is why every single detail matters, regardless of how small or insignificant it may seem. And try as HBO might to keep as much information about Game of Thrones' eighth and final season under wraps, some clues are bound to trickle out. So when Hannah Murray recently sat down with WinterIsComing.net and revealed a particularly interesting Game of Thrones Season 8 clue about Gilly, her character, it is definitely worth noting.

While Murray, like all of her fellow cast members, was careful not to say too much on the matter, she did tease that Gilly will be sharing scenes with actors she's never worked with before. The topic came up when the outlet asked Murray which cast member, besides John Bradley (who plays Sam Tarly) she's enjoyed working with the most. She responded by saying, “There are a few from Season 8 that I can’t actually mention.” Interesting. So who could these other actors be? That's the question many Game of Thrones fans will now be asking themselves.

Watching characters who have never met before interact with each other for the first time can be a lot of fun and turn into an iconic team-up. Just look at Brienne of Tarth and Tormund Giantsbane. Even the actors had no idea how much viewers would enjoy their scenes together and now their are hundreds of Tumblrs and memes dedicated to their relationship.

Perhaps Gilly will find herself in the midst of a fun and unexpected friendship as well. But who could it be with? There are a few possibilities.

Bran Stark

Bran has already had an important chat with Sam, where the two of them pieced together the various details of Jon Snow's complicated parentage. Bran revealed to Sam that Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen are Jon's birth parents. However, Bran still believed the child was born out of wedlock and therefore a bastard. That's when Sam chimed in and added that he'd actually discovered that Rhaegar and Lyanna got married in a secret ceremony, which would mean Jon is a legitimate contender to the Iron Throne. Gilly was actually the one to point out Rhaegar's annulment a few episodes prior to this, so really Sam threw her under the bus by taking all the credit. Maybe this could be her chance to rectify that.

Arya Stark

Not gonna lie, it would be pretty amazing to see Arya and Gilly interact with each other. And considering both Gilly and Arya are currently in Winterfell, it feels like a very likely match-up. Gilly may not know how to use a sword like Arya, but they are both extremely fearless in their own way and have proven to be survivors. It'd be interesting to see game recognizing game.

Sansa Stark

These two may not get along quite as well since Sansa is a lot more formal than Gilly, but then again, maybe opposites will attract and they'll become the best of friends. You never know with this show.

Ser Davos Seaworth

Jon Snow and Dany, along with Tyrion, Davos, and a bunch of other people, were also making their way to Winterfell by the end of Season 7. It wouldn't be out of the question for Davos and Gilly to find themselves in the same room together. Maybe they can even bond over their mutual interest in reading.

Lyanna Mormont

Because who doesn't want more Lyanna scenes?

No one will know for sure who Gilly will end up sharing the screen with until Game of Thrones Season 8 debuts, but if it turns out to be any of these characters, rest assured it'll be well worth the wait.