This Gen X Woman's Advice For Millennials Is Giving The Entire Internet The Weepies Today

On Tuesday, Tangela Ekhoff, a self-described “writer, speaker, sit-down comic,” took to Twitter to lay down some wisdom for the younger generation. The Gen X woman’s advice for millennials is going viral, garnering tens of thousands of likes and retweets in only a few days. The refreshing thing about Ekhoff’s advice is that it’s not condescending, nor does it rely on negative stereotypes about millennials. Instead, she offers a supportive message about embracing life and knowing what's important.

Earlier this week, Ekhoff, who has previously made headlines for her popular Scandal recaps, tweeted, “Dear Millennials, I'm a Black female Gen X lady. Old enough to be your damn Mama. I have a little advice... Eat the avocado toast. Travel to new places. Go back to school. Never, ever listen to people who envy your youth and freedom.”

Any advice that begins with “Eat the avocado toast,” I am HERE for. In fact, a number of Ekhoff’s statements in her ensuing tweet thread belong on motivational posters (and I mean that in the best way). Like:

Go. Do. Be. Your life should be about the verbs.


The only thing you will ever regret not owning is your happiness.

Ekhoff also acknowledged the negative stereotypes about millennials that have been perpetuated in a seemingly endless stream of think pieces. “Most of the folk who make money writing about you don't understand you,” she wrote. “They envy you. The menfolk especially.”

Soak up the wisdom:

Hundreds of people have responded to Ekhoff’s tweets with gratitude, tears … and requests to be adopted.

Thanks for the good advice, Tangela!