This Is The Best Way To Store Your Makeup Sponge

You know that you're a true makeup lover when even your beauty tools have beauty tools. According to Teen Vogue, a Reddit user found the cutest beauty sponge holder ever. I know what you're think, and, to answer your question, yes you do need this in your life. Not only will it keep the tools clean, but it will also look adorable on your makeup table. If you're looking to snag the adorable makeup sponge holder, here's everything you need to know.

The beauty world is a mysterious place. While some brands are focussed on coming out with new and innovative tools, sometimes the best are the simplest. This latest one might just be the best yet too. A user on Reddit found a makeup sponge holder that has chicken feet. It's pretty much the cutest thing you've never seen. This is way more than just an accessory though. While it is a great way to dress up your vanity, it's also allows your sponge to dry and keeps your sponge from getting dirty. Because the less that tool touches, the better for your skin.

It turns out it's pretty darn affordable too. You can buy the chicken-foot sponge holder on RoseGal's website. The brand sells the rose gold and hot pink case as a pair for just $5.13.

Beauty Blender Holder Drying Stand, $5.13,

You're not the only one obsessed with the beauty tool, either. Twitter is going crazy about the drying stand, and for a good reason. It pretty much brings your beauty tool to life. Here's what people have to say about the simple yet completely incredible invention.

And the mom of the year award goes to...

Completely necessary.

It really is perfect.

It's like your beauty sponge came to life!

The emoji says it all.

Bottom line: you need this in your life.