A Permanent Tattoo Vending Machine Is Now A Thing

While some people think about their permanent ink for months before getting it, others are a bit more spontaneous. If you fall into the latter category, this invention is for you. As the Dallas Observer found, Elm Street Tattoos created a permanent tattoo vending machine. Think: the same idea of putting a quarter in and winning a prize, but way more expensive and very permanent. Here's how their "Get What You Get" program works, in case you're feeling lucky.

It's not that they're reinventing the tattoo, but they are reinventing how you get it. Elm Street Tattoos' Get What You Get Program is basically your modern day bubble gum machine for grown ups, but a little more pricey. You put in a penny, turn the wheel, and your own (not so) personal tattoo comes out. You pay $100 for the original design and an extra $20 to take another spin at your ink fate.

As for the tattoos, they all stick to the same look and themes. So while you don't exactly know what you're getting, you will know a little about the design. "They're all good [tattoos] — old-school snakes, devil heads," a shop employee told the Observer of the tattoo designs.

Other than the cost of the tattoo, you'll also have to factor in a trip. Elm Street Tattoos is located at 2811 Elm Street in Dallas, Texas. Although the program just started, the company sees it going on for as long as their customers want it.

"[Elm Street Tattoos] is going to do it forever," the same employee tells the Dallas Observer. "But we just started doing it. We may do it for a month or two and see what it does."

Don't think that this means Elm Street Tattoo is just a trendy ink parlor though. According to their website, they take what they do seriously. The new program is just a way to have fun with things. Like their tattoo marathon that they have ever Friday the 13th. Does a place get any cooler? Rhetorical question.

According to their Instagram. Elm Street Tattoos is open on Sunday to Thursday from 2 pm to 12 am and Friday and Saturday from 12 pm to 2 am. That's plenty of time to plan a visit and check out this tattoo vending machine for yourself.