There’s A Paid “Ginternship” For Gin Lovers & The Job Details Sound Too Good To Be True

Nothing was a buzzkill during summer vacations as a college student like having to get an internship. But now, one company is redefining the way we get on-the-job experience. Students can apply for a "ginternship" with Sipsmith Gin, which — among other dreadful responsibilities — involves traveling to summer festivals to talk about how amazing gin is.

As reported by the Pretty52, Sipsmith Gin will choose 52 people from across 21 colleges in the UK, including the University of Bath and University of Glasgow, Sipsmith says in the job posting. Requirements and responsibilities? Well, there's the aforementioned travel. Applicants also must love gin, which basically doesn't suck at all. Interns will work with local gin societies (how can I apply to be a gin society member?), support the sales team, find new distribution opportunities, and lead people in "gin-focused activities," says the website. Does this mean moderate drinking will be involved? Just wondering.

Oh, and also? It's a paid position.

I'm not sure where this opportunity was back when I was interning, keeping busy with things like pouring coffee, mopping floors, alphabetizing things, and definitely not getting paid for my time.

Sipsmith is a London-based brand, and believe it or not, this internship — part of its Student Ambassador Programme — started out pretty small.

It launched in 2016, Cosmo says, with just five ambassadors. For obvious reasons, it was a huge hit, and now everybody and their grandmother wants a piece of the action.

If it sounds like all fun and games, well, hello, it is. But it's also about educating young people in the fields of marketing and communications. For some ginterns, this opportunity could lead to a successful career. Such was the case for Adam, Cosmo notes, who started off as an ambassador, and now — according to the website — is Sipsmith's Minister of Fun. This can't be real life!

If you're a student at one of the eligible universities, you should send your information to Sipsmith pronto, because the application deadline is June 9, training is August 17, and the position starts September 17. You can find all the details for how to apply on the Sipsmith website.

If you still had any doubts this is the coolest place to work, allow me to share with you some of the positions their current team members hold:

  • Ginthusiast
  • Sipping Society President
  • Ginternational Marketer
  • Queen of Convenience
  • Empress of Events
  • Gindependent Woman
  • Queen of Hearts
  • King in the North (BEND THE KNEE!)
  • Also, Maggie, the Distillery Dog

Internships have clearly changed a lot since my days as an intern, when I was tasked with scraping scuff marks off the tile using a razor blade. Some employers clearly get a tad more creative. For instance, Royal Caribbean International once ran a competition for an "intern-ship" (get it? ship? lolz) where the winner would get to — get this — join them on the ship to take pictures for Instagram. They referred to the position as a cross between a photographer, documentary maker, and storyteller. I bet those people didn't have to scrape scuff marks off the tile using a razor blade and alphabetize sh*t.

Then there was that time Australia was looking for a caretaker for Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef, as reported by The Guardian — a position they described as requiring "minimum effort." That's my favorite amount of effort, you guys. Wouldn't life blow if you had to travel to one of the most gorgeous places on the planet and get paid for it? Ugh.

Oh, and remember that one time Netflix hired people to visit TV and film sets and take pictures of stuff? The opportunity, as reported by the BBC, took the lucky winners to Europe and the Middle East. That must have sucked.

If you want a cool internship but want to avoid making coffee and wiping down the inside of the refrigerator, start doing your homework — a sweet ginternship or trip across the ocean could be in your future.