This Girl Made A Makeup Tutorial From A Moving Sidecar

The internet is a weird place. It seems like every day there is another random video going viral, and this time, it's a video of a girl doing her makeup from the top of a moving vehicle. Yes, you read that correctly.

In the video, Anna Custodio applies a full face of makeup while on top of a moving tricycle, which is a common form of transportation in the Philippines. You may be asking yourself, why was this girl applying makeup while on top of a moving motorized object? Great question. Earlier this year, Custodio did a makeup tutorial video on top of a moving minibus, and said that if she received 500 shares, she would do a video from atop an auto rickshaw. Now why she was on top of the moving bus in the first place we'll never know, but her newest moving makeup tutorial is rather fascinating.

Custodio starts her rickshaw makeup tutorial by applying ice to her face to shrink her pores. Next, she applies primer — almost getting hit by a palm tree in the process — followed by concealer and powder. For the final steps, she applies blush, does a little contouring, fills in her brows and even applies eye makeup. There is no way I would be able to do that without accidentally stabbing myself in the eye. This girl has talent.

Custodio finishes her tutorial by removing the curlers from her hair to reveal perfect bouncy curls.

Range Advertising/Facebook

The video has been watched over 2.3 million times and has been shared almost 37,000 times, so you could say it's a hit. Don't try this at home though, kids.