This Dad Just Collectively Warmed The Entire Internet's Heart In One Day

The internet: a toxic, swirling cloud of passive-aggressive work emails, regrettable pictures from sophomore prom, and angry early-morning tweets from world leaders. But despite all of the rage, sexual frustration, and 4chan, the internet can also be a thing of tremendous beauty, a place full of puppies, unicorns, Cher’s Twitter, and posts like this from Mackenna Newman, whose dad's reaction to her mom being isolated for treatment just broke the internet.

In October, Mackenna’s mom, Marci, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and has had to have radiation treatments that require her to be isolated in her room. On April 14th, the 17-year-old from California posted a picture of her dad, Jon, camped outside his wife’s room with a comfy chair, a desk, a thermos, and some reading materials, everything he needs to keep her company while she undergoes treatment.

“My mom has to stay in her room in isolation for her cancer radiation so my dad set up a desk at her door to keep her company and I’m crying,” Mackenna wrote, and no, YOU’RE ugly-crying into a pillow that will have to be dry-cleaned because there’s so much snot on it now!

“Jon goes to every doctor’s appointment, every blood test, every surgery, every radiation,” Marci told BuzzFeed News. “And, as you can see, if he can’t be by my side, he’s as close as he can get!”

The post immediately went viral, punching unsuspecting interweb wanderers right in the feels, and forcing them to turn to GIFs and emojis to express themselves, because there are no words.

Like so many cancer treatment's Marci's has had a lot of ups and downs. Mackenna told Refinery29 that her mom's cancer has spread to her lymph nodes and trachea, but doctors were able to remove the cancerous tumors. She will now have to attend regular checkups to make sure no new tumors develop, and it's pretty safe to bet Jon will be with her for every one of them.