This Teen Recreating Her Mom's Grad Photo Will Get You In The Feels

by Lily Feinn

The trend of adults imitating their childhood photos has lead to some pretty epic social media posts, but if you want to feel all the feels, one California teen has recreated her mom's graduation photo and it's utter perfection. 18-year-old Madeleine Tarin celebrated her graduation from Chino Hills High School in California in an unusual way; she wanted to recreate her favorite childhood snapshot from her mom's high school graduation in 2000. The picture shows her mother in her cap and gown, and then two-year-old Madeleine perched on her father's shoulders. The couple had become parents as young teenagers, but stayed in high school to finish their degree. Now, years later and with a diploma all her own, Madeleine is still able to clamber on her father's shoulders. She posted the two photos side-by-side on Twitter June 1, with the caption "yeah that's right, we made it TOGETHER," and in just a week the touching post has gone viral in a big way.

The photos adorably highlight Madeleine's parents' success story and the tight-knit family they have created against difficult odds. Her parents met and began dating during her mom's Freshman year of high school, Madeleine told BuzzFeed News, when her mom became pregnant at 15-years-old. After giving birth to Madeleine at the age of 16, her parents continued their studies with her dad working to support them and the aid of her loving grandparents. Her parents waited to tie the knot till they were in their early 20s, getting married at the ages of 23 and 25, and then grew their family with Madeleine's two younger siblings. "The picture to me symbolized my family's accomplishments, and that my parents beat the statistics," she told BuzzFeed News.

Seriously, try to look at it and not get a little emotional:

But the feels don't stop there — Madeleine received both an academic and athletic scholarship to Rider University in New Jersey, where she will be playing Division 1 soccer in the fall — an accomplishment for which she credits her supportive parents, who put her and her sisters in club soccer despite the expense. Her parent's loving and strong marriage has provided Madeleine with a powerful example and turned her into quite the romantic.

It seems all of Twitter is feeling the love as well, with Madeleine's original post garnering nearly 77,000 retweets and over 330,000 likes. Well wishes and emotional responses to the inspirational story have flooded Madeleine's feed, and it's clear her parents have become role models to more than just their children.

Madeleine is ever grateful to her mom and dad for providing her with a bright future, and is happy that she could open up and share her story with the world. "It's one of my favorite photos ever since I was little," Madeleine told BuzzFeed News. "I thought it was unique and represented my life in a nutshell."