This Instagram Celebrates Women Of Color Who Love Glossier & It's Minimalist Melanin Magic

by Summer Arlexis

It's nearly impossible to keep Glossier off your radar. From their cult-favorite lip balms to the newest acne-fighting liquid exfoliator, there's always some must-have making the brand worth following. With a Glossier Brown Instagram account celebrating women of color on the rise, staying up to the date with the company just got so much more worth it for brown beauties.

One shade expansion and all-inclusive campaign at a time, the beauty industry is catering more towards beauty lovers of every complexion. Although there's still plenty of work to be done before things are truly diversified, there's never a shortage of melanin magic on social media. Thanks to Atlanta-based grad student Devin McGhee, there's even a space on the 'Gram where beauty inspo for people of color is always the top priority.

If you never considered the master of minimalist beauty to be a brand for POC, Mcghee's Glossier Brown account can surely change that perception. The page is an ongoing feed showcasing Glossier lippies, shadows, and illuminators popping against melanin-rich skin. Featuring tips for using the brand's products and looks showing how they work on brown skin, it's truly a space for a diverse community of Glossier lovers.

A fan that loved Glossier enough to become an official rep for the brand, McGhee created the Glossier Brown account for makeup lovers of color. Her rep status allowed her to sell Glossier products and offer discounts through her own account, but her dedication couldn't stop there. The beauty enthusiast felt the need for a feed other than her own to showcase Glossier products in action on deeper skin.

"Glossier does a great job remaining inclusive with their campaigns and advertisements, but regardless of which brand and products, I always conduct my own research prior to making my first purchase," McGhee told Teen Vogue. "At the time, I only found a handful of black and brown YouTubers showcasing how they use Glossier products, but I knew there were more women of color out there using them, and it was important that the world got to see that."

The account hasn't even been up and running for a year and it already has nearly two thousand followers tuned into the wonders that Glossier can do for melanin. Every featured photo showing rich skin accented with the Haloscope highlighter, cheeks beautifully flushed with the Cloud Paint, and complexions enhanced with the Perfecting Skin Tint is absolute perfection.

Given that women of color are often underrepresented in shade ranges and marketing, Glossier Brown is the kind of account the beauty sphere needs. Even with a limited shade range in their complexion products, McGhee wanted to prove that Glossier can actually work for varying skin tones. The beauty secrets simply have to be revealed in order for WOC to understand that they do have a place in Glossier's line, the rep believes.

"As a chocolate woman, my skin's undertones change with the seasons. Therefore, in the winter, I mix Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in Deep and Rich for the perfect shade. Whereas in the summer, Rich is my perfect shade alone. But no one knows that unless we share that information with each other, like girlfriends," she commented.

The account is surely fulfilling McGhee's intended purpose of giving women a color a sense of the beauty industry. Feedback on Glossier Brown proves the account is spreading much needed doses of melanin magic.

"Women are just happy that space simply exists and they have another woman of color to ask for suggestions," McGhee said. "It truly makes me proud to have created that space for other women like myself. We should always be rooting for each other that way. It costs absolutely nothing to pay another woman a compliment."

As highlighted by Allure, the official Glossier IG account and founder Emily Weiss are even on Glossier Brown's follower list, so the brand seems to be on board with McGhee's efforts. It's the official nod of approval that hopefully keeps the Glossier Brown account forever active.

The beauty community's encouragement combined with all of the WOC-based love the account is spreading will likely help McGhee's creation rake in thousands of new followers. So, don't be surprised if it even becomes the go-to account for POC curious to discover what Glossier is all about.