You Need To See This Goth Ice Cream

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Because all of the ice cream licking we do is for likes now. But if mermaid toast and unicorn macarons are just a little bit too colorful for you, you're going to love the new goth ice cream cone that's totally void of color — just like your soul. No glitter, no sprinkles, no gold flecks or confetti flakes, this ice cream cone is black as coal. Charcoal, to be exact.

The new downtown LA family-run ice creamery, Little Damage, is #trending thanks to their moody reprieve to the technicolor food craze. While other ice cream companies have experimented with charcoal-infused recipes, like Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream in New York, Little Damage seems to be taking the cake for the moodiest cone in the game. For the moment, it's unlike anything you've ever tasted ... or seen on Instagram.

Currently trending on Instagram: Little Damage's almond charcoal-flavored soft-serve ice cream, perched above a black-as-night charcoal waffle cone.

And while the black on black combo is a big aesthetic treat, the reviews are in and people are loving the flavor too. Apparently the sweet and light almond flavor mixed with the rich and deep charcoal flavor is a big win. Perhaps catering to the adult palette a bit more than other ice creameries.

But if your soul is made of rainbows and butterflies and unicorn babies, there's something at Little Damage for you, too. Other, more spirited flavors include: Red Beet, and Unicorn Tears — a baby blue-tinted vanilla, because vanilla doesn't have to be vanilla. The shop also caters to lactose intolerant and vegan eaters, with a dairy-free sticky rice mango flavor — which sounds pretty genius to me.

But let's be honest, the main reason you're curious about going to Little Damage is because you want to get that spring ice cream snap for your Instagram page. And by the looks of the shots people are getting online, it's safe to say you'll get the picture you're after. Between the in-store photo booth and the neon motto signage on the walls, you're totally guaranteed to get a lot of likes with your licks.

And while a lot of these Instagram trendy food places tend to be a lot more about what things look like than what they taste like, you'll find on the company's Yelp page that customers are really happy with not only the way their ice cream photographs, but the way it tastes, too. So is the trip to downtown LA worth it for one of these moody sweets? The people have spoken both online and IRL, and the answer is: YAAAASS!