This Cereal Hack Is Surprisingly Divisive

When it comes to eating cereal, everyone seems to have a special method to prevent their crunchy bowl of breakfast goodness from turning into a gloopy pile of mush. Now, the Twitterverse has provided us with the ultimate hack to avoid soggy cereal — although it's proving to be much more divisive than one might have thought such a thing was capable of being.

On Feb. 4, Twitter user Mabel Ye provided the good people of the interwebs with an elegant solution guaranteeing your cereal to stay crisp and dry until the second it enters your mouth. Gone are the days of only buying nearly impenetrable rock-like nuggets! Wave bye-bye to continuously shaking the stuff into your bowl bit by bit to minimize liquid exposure! And say “so long” to just scarfing your breakfast down real fast! So how does she work this dark magic? Mabel Ye demonstrated her life changing hack in a seven second video uploaded to Twitter with the bold caption: "The best strategy in eating cereal breakfast, sogginess begone."

In the video, Ye dips her spoon into a bowl of dry cereal, scooping up a few pieces of what looks like Reese's Puffs, and proceeds to dunk it into a nearby cup of milk. The genius tactic of keeping the milk and cereal separate until it is absolutely necessary for the two to meet was recently featured in a Twitter moment, and has since been met with startlingly loud response across social media.

Like anything truly important, Twitter users have some intense feelings about this whole milk and cereal business. Texture fiends seemed to fall into quite a few different camps, and the brief video, which has been retweeted nearly 1,000 times, has elicited a wide range of reactions from commenters. Twitter is taking this very seriously.

For Some, Ye's Method Was The Obvious Choice For The Best Cereal Eating Experience

As one Twitter user pointed out, a special bowl even exists to make this tactic easier.

Some commenters couldn't be more thrilled with the new tactic at their disposal...

...Although sadly, they were the minority.

Many Were Just Plain Confused About How The Whole Thing Would Work

A fair amount of tweets became preoccupied with milk levels, and just couldn't wrap their minds around what someone would do once the milk ran out. (Pro tip: Pour more milk in the cup.)

While they weren't entirely resistant to the idea, some just couldn't work out why people would go to all this trouble over just cereal.

Some feared that this tactic would detract from the taste of the leftover milk — which we all know, after eating a sugary cereal, is the best part.

Most Were Aghast At The Time-Consuming Cereal Process

Quite a few people were just very, very angry.

And couldn't stomach the idea of it.

Some cereal purists simply didn't have enough time to even consider shaking up their breakfast routine.

Ultimately, though, let's remember this: Cereal is cereal, and people should be free to eat it in their preferred manner. If you love soggy cereal, dry cereal, or no cereal — you do you! It's all part of a balanced breakfast in the end.