This Spooky Halloween Lip Art Pays Tribute To The Most Iconic Halloween Movies

RyanKellyMUA/ Instagram

Halloween is a mere week away, which means your house is probably filled with tasteful spider webs, overflowing bowls of candy, and leftover cups of hot apple cider you brought back from the pumpkin farm, meaning we are fully in the thick of the spooky holiday season. Which is why you're going to love this makeup artist's Halloween themed lip art — it will inspire you to dump out your own cosmetics and play around in the mirror.

RyanKellyMUA is the mastermind behind these ghoulish creations, where she showcases her work both on YouTube and Instagram, specifically focusing on lip art. She started to create her miniature drawing about four years ago, and since has grown to an Instagram following of over 70 thousand people. And once you see her October-themed creations, you will know why.

It all started with a Hocus Pocus inspired lippie, where Kelly took everyone's favorite '90s Halloween movie and made a miniature portrait of the kid-snatching witches on her lips. She delicately painted the Sanderson Sisters onto her lips using Mehron’s Paradise Paint palette, on a background of purple liquid lipstick created by mixing Smashbox's Ultra-Violet and Some Nerve. To complete the look she transformed one of her nails to look like the skin-stitched spell book, topped off with the sisters throwing a spell at it.

Moving away from nostalgic movies and towards classic poems, next up was an Edgar Allen Poe lip, meant to embody the iconic Halloween poem, "The Raven." Kelly hand-painted a crowing Raven and a despondent looking Poe onto a background of grey, complete with a heart-shaped, all-seeing fingernail. You immediately think the lines, “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

Going in a different direction, she then ventured into the horror movie genre with her rendition of Scream. If you look closely, it's not just Ghost Face on the lip. You can also see Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore's character) in the knife. As for the nail art, she created a '90s telephone!

And is Halloween truly complete without a Tim Burton tribute? Nightmare Before Christmas is a go-to holiday movie, and here Kelly re-imagined Jack Skellington inside Munch’s The Scream painting.

Then taking a detour from the movie-marathon lip art renditions, she created a creepy lip that will have you pulling your cardigan closer around you. Creating a nude nip, she drew on bony Nosferatu hands coming out from inside her mouth, tipping her hat to the 1920's Dracula-inspired movie that's hailed as one of the scariest movies ever made. But even if you didn't quite catch that reference, this one is definitely one of her most unsettling creations.

Moving away from bony, dead fingers, Kelly also created a tribute to the 2018 Halloween movie, where fans are once again met with crazed killer Mike Myers and his plot to kill Laurie Strode. October isn't complete without watching at least one of the movies.

It's hard not to feel ghoulish looking at her brilliant works of art.