A Leather Purse That Looks Like A Bra Exists & No, It Isn't Wearable

If you thought that bizarre fashion was just a trend last year, think again. As Teen Vogue found, Helmut Lang is selling a Black Leather Bra Bag that looks, well, exactly like a bra. Unfortunately, it will cost more than every single bra that you own combined. The high fashion item might be quirky but it was meant to sit on your should as a bag and not a way to carry your ta-tas around.

First off, let's just get this little detail out of the way — no, this is not actually a bra. While the purse does have adjustable straps and a tab to connect it at the back, this product is means to be used as a bag.

When you see the bag, you'll know exactly why that statement was made. Everything about the bag looks like a bra. There's two separate compartments in the purse that resemble the cups of a bra. They zip on the top and each one has a small handle coming out of the top.

There's also a long cross-body strap that comes out of the end, if you choose to unstrap the back. So yes, it is a functional bra, but not for your boobs.

Helmut Lang Black Leather Bra Bag, $635, Ssense

Go ahead and take in that photo, because it is a lot to look at. At first glance, the high end purse really does look like a bra. From the functioning straps to the sleek design, this bag will make you do a double-take. It looks like something out of a Rihanna video.

Before you run out and grab one, you might want to take a peek at the price. This high-end item is a whopping $635. Yes, really. That's roughly the price of 10 Very Sexy Push Up Bras from Victoria's Secret or 21 Day To Play Plunge Push-Up Bras from Aerie. If purchased, this bra bag would likely be the most expensive bra in your entire collection — and you an't even wear it.

All jokes aside, this is a quirky play on a traditional handbag. While you might not be able to carry a whole lot inside, fashion is about getting people talking. Whether you're laughing at it or obsessed with it is up to you. You can't deny that it is quirky though.

Helmut Lang Black Leather Bra Bag, $635, Ssense

Bustle reached out to the brand to see what the inspiration was for the creation. Although they have not responded to the publication or on social media, there are some guesses on how this bra was made. Somebody, somewhere was likely pulling things out of their bra — credit cards, money, phone, etc. — out of their bra when inspiration struck.

As someone who does get creative when I'm not carrying a bag, the irony is not lost on me. Of course, there is always the high-fashion aspect of the accessory too. The bag is made of leather from South Korea and is 14" length x 9.5" height x 3" width, which is smaller around than an A-cup. There's no word on how much can be filled in this bag though.

The purse is currently in stock on the Ssense website, if you're looking to splurge on what might just be the most extra lingerie product of all time. The brand has yet to comment on whether or not this is limited edition or not, but there's a good chance that it will go out of style sometime very soon.

Helmut Lang Black Leather Bra Bag, $635, Ssense

This is definitely not the end of quirky fashion trends anytime soon. While this won't be the most practical item of the year, you have to admit that it is pretty amusing.