This Highlighter Always Gets Me So Many Compliments When I Wear It

Kate Marin

I'll admit I'm pretty bare bones when it comes to makeup: a quick layer of tinted sunscreen, concealer if I need it, a dab of blush, a layer of mascara, a swipe of eyebrow pomade, and I'm out the door. Although highlighter has always been my favorite step in makeup tutorials — the way the brush gently glides across the skin and leaves behind an iridescent trail — it was never part of my routine. I always found it to be too obvious, too sparkly, too cake-y on my skin — never subtle or melted-on like how it looked in videos.

I gave up on highlighter for years. My cheekbones did not pop. My cupid's bow went unnoticed. That is until I recently discovered the Maybelline Facestudio Master Chrome line of highlighters and fell in love again. It was the one product that finally did exactly what I wanted it to.

What Makes It So Different?

Like the name suggests, this highlighter offers a metallic finish, meaning it's not sparkly or filled with large, obvious pieces of glitter. Instead, it's made with superfine pearl pigments and a metallic chrome sheen that leaves skin looking glowing and radiant. This important difference makes it a versatile choice for any look, natural everyday to all-out glam alike. Just add a bit more where you really want to shine — its weightless formula is easily buildable.

How To Use It

Everyone has their own favorite way of applying highlighter: mine is with a small tapered brush. I apply this highlighter along the high points of my cheekbones and up along my orbital bones, across the bridge of my nose, and right on the cupids bow for an instant dewy glow allover. On days when I wake up without enough sleep, I apply a small amount to the inner corners of my eyes using my pinky to brighten up my complexion and make me look more awake.

Kate Marin

How It Wears

I have to say one of the best things about this highlighter (aside from its affordable price and ease of use) is how long and flawlessly it lasts. I thought it wouldn't stand a chance against my humidity-triggered greasy skin after an eight-hour work day. Turns out, it held up untouched, its pigment still completely intact, and its sheen still going strong. If you're like me and don't have the time or patience for touch ups, this highlighter will fit seamlessly into your makeup routine.

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