This Hurricane Irma Supply Checklist Tells You Exactly How To Prepare


As Hurricane Irma makes its way toward land, many people are preparing for the possibility that they may be affected by the Category Five storm. If you are in an area that could be affected by Irma in the coming days and are seeking some guidance on what provisions to acquire, a helpful Hurricane Irma supply kit checklist that is being shared on Twitter constitutes a good start.

The list was shared by a Twitter user on Tuesday, who thanked its creator, saying she initially had "no idea where to start" in terms of preparing a hurricane supply kit before she came across the list. Many Twitter users thanked her for sharing the list and commended its comprehensiveness and usability.

The list suggests items which people should acquire to prepare for a hurricane and categorizes them under the following headings: Water, Food, For the Home, Health Essentials, and For Your Pet.

The user did not share a source for the list, though it seems it has been recommended during previous storms as well. For example, Max Mayfield, a meteorologist and the former director of the National Hurricane Center (NHC), shared the same list (with a different logo) on his blog in 2010, noting that it had come from Local 10 news, an ABC affiliate from the Miami area.

Furthermore, beyond preparing a hurricane supply kit, there are also additional steps you should take ahead of the storm's arrival. First, AccuWeather advises to make sure you know whether or not you are in an evacuation area and to pay attention to local government evacuation announcements.

Moreover, the outlet also recommends that you check your insurance coverage prior to a hurricane as well as consider buying flood insurance ahead of the storm as protection, in case rising waters cause property damage. Similarly, the outlet recommends taking measures to protect your home. This includes covering windows with plywood and, if possible, repairing any existing structural damage before the storm.

Finally, AccuWeather also advises making copies of any important documents, like proof of home and other property ownership, ahead of the hurricane's arrival. The weather service notes that you may have to prove home ownership if the storm impacts your property and requires evacuation.

Overall, if you are in an area that could potentially be impacted by Irma, it is strongly recommended that you prepare a supply kit, like the one described above, as well as take additional precautions, like those recommended by AccuWeather. Hopefully — and ideally — many will not experience damage from the storm, but it is best to be prepared, just in case.