This Makeup Artist Paints Tiny Masterpieces On Her Lips & They Are Breathtaking

Lipartist Audrey Mua/ Instagram

Instagram is jam-packed with makeup artists and beauty vloggers that have a deft hand with makeup brushes and beauty techniques. While some of us are struggling to put on a straight line of eyeliner while standing half an inch from the bathroom mirror, others are creating literal masterpieces on their faces, using eyeshadow and liquid lipstick like artists use paint and watercolors. That's where Lipartist Audrey Mua comes in, a French certified makeup artist living in Barcelona and sharing her masterpieces with the world via her Instagram account. She creates cruelty-free content that spans across all sorts of aesthetics and themes — the one common factor connecting her ideas is that they're eye-poppingly creative.

A quick scroll through her feed shows you a series of different examples. There are the geometric and abstract eye looks, that feature splattered pigment across the eyelids (and some in the eyebrow and lashes,) with metallic cut-outs decorating the lids. There are mod, '60s-inspired lips that have a nude stripe running down the middle, and holographic goo eyes. Then there's the Hey Arnold! lip art that gets you all nostalgic for Saturday morning cartoons, and a life-like drawing of the San Francisco bridge on someone's lips, and you start realizing Audrey is a wizard when it comes to her makeup tool box. To see some of her best and most jaw dropping work, look below.

Hey Arnold! Lip Art

It doesn't matter that you're in your twenties or thirties — our nostalgia for childhood staples has made those memories manifest in our adulthood. From Lisa Frank pajamas, to scrunchies coming back into vogue, to frosted metallic lipstick becoming a thing again, we're powerless to turn our backs on anything from the '90s. That's what makes this Hey Arnold! lip art so fantastic — not only is it incredibly well done, but it also makes you think of eating Coco Puffs during Saturday morning and binge watching episodes.

But let's take a moment to discuss the actual art here because, wow. You have to love the saturated colors Audrey chose, using a bright blue to create the heart background, and contrasting it with a magenta lip. But the best part has to be the smattering of purple glitter — which our 10 year-old selves would probably appreciate.

Lunar New Year Lip Art

In celebration of the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Dog, Audrey created this beautiful celebratory tribute. Using a bright red lip as a base (specifically, Kat Von D's "Everlasting" liquid lipstick,) she then used Lime Crime's gold liquid lipstick in "Zenon" to create the gold borders and outlines. And while you might think she used eyeliner to create the dog in the center of the pout, she actually used Kat Von D's "Witches" liquid lipstick instead — which just might be safer to put on your lips than liner.

Couture Gore Lip Art

It looks like a horror movie on your lips, but made fashion. Audrey got the idea for this conceptual look when she saw the #antivalentinesday hashtag trending, and this was her take. Using the Kat Von D's "Witches" liquid lipstick, she bruised the corners of her mouth with the black hue, and then took glitter fabric which she tore up and bedazzled with sequins. The end result is sparkly gore perfect for any beauty lover.

Gold Skeleton Lip Art

While the bubblegum pink and gold ombre would have been swoon-worthy on its own, the fact that she added little gold skeleton hands to the corners of the mouth and a winding gold rope made it all the more visually appealing.

Blurred Lip Art

You have got to love this optical illusion. Using Kat Von D lipstick and pigment, Audrey created an ombre effect by having a bold red color stain just the center of her lips. By adding a high-impact gloss just to that pigmented color — and not the whole mouth — it created a blur-like look.

Negative Space Lip Art

Audrey shows how negative space could create beautiful lip designs on naked pouts. Creating a geometric look using hot pink and metallic rust colors, she then created a holographic, dripping heart in the center of the masterpiece.

If you love to see inventive, out-of-the-box beauty looks on your Insta feed, then this is an amazing account to follow. You'll feel inspired all week long.