Here's What Happens When You Use Liquid Lipstick As A Shadow Base

Tons of eyeshadow primers line Sephora and Ulta shelves. Your fave brand likely offers several in a variety of shades and finishes that act as a base to which eyeshadow will adhere, leading to a more intense, long-lasting look. But have you ever used liquid lipstick as an eyeshadow primer?

Well, New Jersey-based Internet makeup artist Becca tried this hack. She replaced a normal, expected base with Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lovecraft. Yes, you read that right.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick In Lovecraft, $20, Sephora

Becca, who posts under the beccaboo318 handle, utilized this dusty mauve shade, applying it directly from the tube via the provided wand. Then, she buffed and blended it out with a fluffy brush and topped it with multiple powder shadows, eventually adding glitter and a periwinkle blue liquid liner for a cut crease and negative space vibe.

So, did using a mega matte liquid lippie as a shadow base actually... work?

I know that what all you beauty obsessives are thinking. Because it's exactly what I was thinking. My thoughts were this: "Was subbing a liquid lipstick for a primer... messy? Did it last? Was it comfortable? Did the shadows placed overtop stay put? Did the colors become muddy when mingled?"

As it turns out, this inventive technique, which I admit is not one I'd have thought of, is brilliant. As you will see by the end result, Becca crushed it with this idea! You should be careful and proceed at your own risk if you intend to try this hack, since it might be an eye irritant and isn't proven safe for eyes.

When asked if the liquid lippie was comfortable, since some liquid mattes can be drying and can get cakey, Becca told Bustle via email, "The lipstick is very comfortable to wear, because I blended it out to a very thin layer."

Ah, there it is! That makes total sense. Using a light touch and a measured amount of product is critical for comfort of wear.

Since the KVD Everlasting formula isn't super drying, it clearly works wonders in other capacities!

Blend, blend, blend, and blend some more.

Becca also noted, "It's a liquid-to-matte formula, so once it dries down, it's not budging. It's honestly easier to work with than an eyeshadow base."

There you have it, straight from the insanely creatively makeup artist who tried it and not only lived to tell about it, but enjoyed stunning, stay put results!

Oh! Becca also used KVD's new Everlasting Lipliner in Por Vida to line her lower lashline because #repurposing.

Kat Von D Everlasting Lipliner In Por Vida, $18, Sephora

I've said this before — makeup artistry isn't always about using products as they were intended. It's about finding ingenious ways to repurpose them in ways other than for which they were intended.

Sometimes, such hacks are not successful, like the talented vlogger who used a dollar store paint roller to blend liquid and cream products. In this case, subbing a liquid lippie for a primer or base was an ace move. Again, be careful if you choose to attempt it!

Watch Becca build this slaytastic look from start to finish in the video above. As she even suggests, you can finish the look with the glitter and skip the blue liner if you so desire because #options.