This Is How Much Women's Beauty Routines Cost Around The U.S.

by Melanie Richtman

I can't say I've given my beauty routine much thought over the years. I try out new makeup, buy what I like, and apply it as needed. However, beauty retailer SkinStore did a study on 3,000 women aged 16-75 and they found some really interesting stats about women's beauty routines and how much women spend on beauty each day.

The average woman applies 16 products to her face before even leaving the house. When I initially heard that number, I thought it was astronomical... Then I thought about my morning routine that consists of lotion, primer, eye cream, a green concealer, a regular concealer, liquid foundation, powder — you catch my drift — and I realized that 16 might even be a little low for me.

The average cost of those 16 products varies state to state, but there are a few trends. Women on the east coast have the most expensive routines, spending an average of $11 per day, while women on the west coast generally have the least expensive daily beauty routines, spending around $4 a day. The least expensive beauty routine goes to the state of Montana, where the average woman spends $3.50 a day on her face. The average across the United States is $8 a day, and I can't decide if that seems reasonable or outrageous (insert puzzled emoji here).


SkinStore also calculated the averages for how long women spend getting their faces ready for the day. The average woman from California reportedly only spends 3 minutes, while New Yorkers spend up to 21 minutes getting ready.


Can the women of California please teach me how to only spend three minutes getting ready in the morning? Help a sister out.