This Is How Much Sleep You Need Based On Your Zodiac Sign, According To Experts


As children, we spend a lot of time trying to get out of sleeping. But looking back as adults, this seems pretty crazy, because now we cannot wait to get into bed and have a nice long snooze. I myself am an eight-hour girl and, honestly, I can't really function on anything less. But how do we know exactly how much sleep we should be getting each night? Is it a universal thing, or unique to each individual? Well, Australian bedding company Bed Threads have just created a guide on how much sleep you need based on your star sign, and their findings are pretty intriguing.

Who knew astrology had anything to do with sleep? Not me. If you're a little sceptical about the work of the zodiac, I suppose you could be forgiven, because Bed Threads have made it clear that this guide of theirs is not science based, and the astrological findings are intended to be enjoyed as a harmless bit of fun. It should be noted that the NHS state that most healthy adults need six to nine hours per night for optimum levels of productivity and brain function during waking hours.

Having said that, Bed Threads list, which links sleep levels with the attitude and nature associated with different star signs, makes for a very interesting read. So, what did they find?


We're almost at the end of Pisces season, and Bed Threads recommends that those in the Pisces house should be getting the maximum amount of sleep they can, because they are the "dreamers of the zodiac." Bed Threads have described them as having a very high emotional intelligence and being sensitive, which requires them to have a longer sleep to get fully recharged.

I'm an Aquarius, and Bed Threads advise that I would need "about six hours is their average, although it would be best if [Aquarians] could squeeze in seven or eight hours whenever they can." I'm not totally convinced by the "squeezing in eight hours whenever I can" thing... as I said before, it's eight hours or nothing for me.

According to Bed Threads, the signs that need the most sleep are Libra, Cancer, Taurus, and Scorpio, all of whom need seven to nine hours sleep per night. Bed Threads say this is because Taureans and Libras are deemed such "reliable friends" but "can only serve this function in people's lives when they get the sleep they need." But, for Cancers, "there is no place they love more than their warm cosy bed." Sound about right? Bed Threads assessment of Leo is a little saucier, claiming they sleep best "when they're not on their own in the bed" because they "crave love and company even while sleeping." Cheeky. Aries and Virgos, on the other hand, are said to need the least amount of sleep because they "both view sleep as a barrier to getting stuff done." Wow.

I reached out to Wendy Stacey, the Principal of Mayo School of Astrology, to hear her opinion about sleep and star signs, and she gave me some very compelling answers.

Stacey said "water signs need more sleep," with Leo especially needing a lot of sleep to function. Stacey gave the example that lions sleep for 18 hours on average during the day and Leos, like lions, enjoy napping a lot. Stacey continued by saying that air signs like Aquarians and Geminis "have very active minds and are more likely to suffer from insomnia," so they tend to need less sleep. She said that Taureans sleep well in their own beds and Aries sleep well once they eventually burn out, as air and fire signs find it harder to relax and get to sleep.

Stacey said that Capricorns find themselves "burdened with responsibility" before bed and Virgos are pretty similar. Virgos, get less shut eye because they are always busy which prevents them from sleep but when they eventually settle, they sleep pretty well.

Stacey suggested that sleep is governed less by your star sign and more by the moon. She said: "The moon changes sign every two and a half days and this is more of an indicator of peoples habits like they way they sleep, how they eat etc."

So there you have it . Now, who's up for a nap?