This Is The Spell Witches Are Using To Curse Trump

The WB

The Charmed Halliwell Sisters had the Power of Three to help them save the world, but that's getting multiplied by a few thousand Friday night. The #MagicResistance, a global group of actively practicing Witches, is banding together to cast a binding spell on Donald Trump in their effort to disrupt his administration. It's not a joke, nor should you think of it as one — the spell is a valid expression of cultural traditions and religious beliefs, plus it's a creative way to include new communities in the anti-Trump resistance.

At the stroke of midnight (East Coast time, so that the simultaneity of the spell can enhance its power), Witches the world over will cast the spell to stop Trump together. The process involves chanting over symbolicly selected objects, including an unflattering picture of Trump. Here's an excerpt from the spell: "I call upon you to bind Donald J. Trump so that he may fail utterly that he may do no harm to any human soul nor any tree animal rock stream or sea." Even if you're not a Witch, you can definitely get down with the sentiment.

According to novelist and occult expert Michael M. Hughes, the spell is intended to bind Trump's powers in a very literal way. The idea is to intercede in his abilities to function in the government, and it's not intended to have any physically harmful effects. “It’s a restraint, not harm,” Hughes told The Huffington Post in an interview. “I see it as self-defense.” He also emphasized that his version of the spell can be modified to suit differing spiritual beliefs

Witchcraft is a uniquely appropriate way of trolling Trump. His record of sexist comments and actions definitely deserves critique from one of the most feminist religious traditions ever. The meaning expands outside the Witchcraft community too, because this is a great chance to reclaim the typically misogynistic symbol of the Witch into a powerful and valid role. Also, Trump decries anything that's even the slightest bit outside his idea of mainstream America, so you know this is bound to freak him out. The world can only hope that he tweets about how he thinks it's stupid — it would be proof positive that the spell worked and made him scared.

The spell itself is a long and involved process, but the ingredients needed for the spell are actually pretty easy to come by (although I might suggest using a Cheeto instead of an orange candle or carrot). However, if you are planning to participate, take some time to learn the basics about Witchcraft first. Even though society mainly portrays witches in the fantastical sense, witchcraft is a legitimate religion and cultural community that can be appropriated and deserves respect. Since Witches are going out of their way to help defeat Trump, make sure you go out of your way to honor their culture.

If you can't participate tonight, this isn't your last chance — the spell will be cast on every waning crescent moon until Trump is cast out of office. And of course, there are daily opportunities to join the resistance, magical and non-magical alike. The important thing is non-judgmentally welcoming all people who stand against Trump's brand of sexism and exclusivity.