‘This Is Us’ Fans Will Be Happy With How The Golden Globe Noms Turned Out

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

This Is Us may only be in its second season, but it's already received so much recognition for its wild success and deeply emotional story lines. And now, it seems as though the show might have a few new awards to its name come January. During Monday morning's official announcement, This Is Us scored three Golden Globes nominations, and it couldn't have happened for a more deserving show and cast.

After the show collected five Emmy nominations (including one win for Sterling K. Brown) earlier this year, it seemed obvious that This Is Us was going to get plenty of award show noms from here on out, and fortunately, that's exactly what has happened with the Golden Globes. Of course, with outstanding performances from cast members like Brown and Milo Ventimiglia over the last season and a half — and with the show only getting better as it dives deeper into the Pearson family history in Season 2 — fans probably won't be surprised at the outcome of the announcements about the upcoming awards.

Not only did This Is Us come away with a nomination for Best Drama Series, but it also picked up nods in the categories of Supporting Actress and Drama Actor, as well. So much incredible news for anyone who works on the show, and so deserved.

For many fans, it's a no-brainer that This Is Us would receive multiple nominations for the awards this year. Week after week, it keeps giving fans all of the feelings, good and bad, about the Big Three, their parents, and the rest of their family. Any show that keeps viewers guessing — and often crying — almost every single episode is certainly worth this kind of award. How many shows can accomplish the tugging of heartstrings that This Is Us can?

It's also easy to see how Chrissy Metz really earned her nomination for Supporting Actress in a Drama Television Series, especially when you think about that Kate-centric episode that aired in November. It was incredibly difficult to watch her and Toby work through their heartbreak after a miscarriage, but it also gave Metz a chance to truly shine. At times, Kate can be funny, stubborn, disheartened, or a mixture of all three, and Metz's talent gives us a chance to see every single aspect of the character, making her feel so real and relatable to so many fans who tune in every week.

But what are the chances of the show itself actually winning Best Drama in the television category? Well, it's up against some pretty tough competition. The other nominees are Stranger Things, The Crown, The Handmaid's Tale, and Game of Thrones — all of which could definitely be considered some of the best shows on TV. That's not to say that This Is Us isn't just as good as those shows, but will it be able to rise to the top with major players like those?

However, when it comes to the Best Drama Actor category, there's a very good chance Brown has that one on lock. Of course, his fellow nominees, which include Jason Bateman, Freddie Highmore, Bob Odenkirk, and Liev Schreiber, also gave really incredible performances this year, so it could be a tight race. But since Brown did win the Emmy for his role as Randall Pearson in a similar category this year, it may not be far from his reach.

We'll have to wait until January comes around to find out how the awards unfold, but there's a lot to look forward to. And since This Is Us has already been picked up for a third season, there are still so many chances for award show domination ahead.