A CBS Board Member Wrote A Letter For Kathy Griffin To Give To Trump & It's Super Weird

by Alexandra Spychalsky
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There is no doubt that Kathy Griffin obviously suffered extreme blowback for what can only be described as an ill-advised anti-Trump photo she published earlier this year. While she lost gigs and was forced to cancel appearances, this may be one of the most bizarre things to have come out of the incident. A CBS Corporation board member crafted an apology letter for Griffin to send to President Trump in the aftermath of the controversy, but the tone of the letter is nothing short of undignified groveling at the president's feet.

With all of the unexpected and ludicrous things that happen regarding Donald Trump on a daily basis, you may have pushed this incident with Kathy Griffin to the back of your mind by now. In May, the comedian published a picture of her straight-faced, holding a Trump mask covered in blood. For many who saw it, the image invoked a beheaded Trump, and was construed as a call for violence against the president by Griffin. In her recent interview with Yashar Ali in The Cut, however, Griffin explained that it was a commentary on Trump's comments about Megyn Kelly following one of the 2015 primary debates, where he said that she had "blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever."

In Ali's story, Griffin details all of the people who gave her advice, whether solicited or unsolicited, in the controversial wake of the picture's release, which was done intentionally, she says. From Rosie O' Donnell asking her to think of how the picture would read to the families of those beheaded by ISIS, to her own mother saying she wouldn't stand behind her daughter's actions.

But, the most shocking revelation from the story is the email that Arnold Kopelson, a CBS Corporation board member, sent Griffin, with his two cents for what she could do to recoup not only her career but her "life," which as he put it was "lost." Kopelson, who Griffin says was a friend of her, directs her to send a letter to Trump, which he has so graciously crafted for her.

The letter can only be described as the written version of throwing herself at the mercy of the president, and begging him for compassion and forgiveness. Not exactly what comes to mind when you think of Kathy Griffin in the first place.

The letter starts off saying, "What I did was beyond being oblivious to humanity." In its most bizarre section, it would have Griffin claiming, "I am listening for the first time about the great things you have done and are doing. How stupid I was to follow the lies from the "Left". It took my terrible mistake to finally see the false news...My stupidity is overwhelming."

Kopelson tells Griffin not call him, to not change a word of the letter, and to release it exclusively to Fox, and no other networks. This is her only chance of rebounding from the negative publicity following the picture's release, he says, and he cautions her, "IF YOU DON'T DO EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN, YOUR CAREER IS OVER."

In The Cut story, Ali writes that Griffin thinks "Kopelson’s email was indicative of 'men who control the checkbooks,' who, despite the entertainment industry’s liberal reputation, tend to be more conservative and don’t like people who rock the boat."

It's unclear whether Kopelson had anything to gain if Griffin was welcomed back into the limelight, or whether he just thought he was being a good friend. But no matter what you think about Griffin's actions, the fact that someone thought this fawning, over-the-top letter was the best way to appeal to our president says more about his character than hers, quite frankly.