This Lip Gloss Feels Like Kissing A Cat's Wet Nose

There's no lack of odd beauty products. From sheet masks with snail enzyme to the benefits of bee venom, there's a lot out there to try . Now, however, there's a product perfect for a very specific person: a cat person. The Felissimo lip gloss for cat lovers is the perfect odd beauty product for those who love both beauty and their favorite felines. Be warned, though, this lip gloss isn't just cleverly marketed with an adorable kitten on its packaging. It's also got some interesting claims and ingredients that basically force me to consider it odd despite my love of all things cat.

According to Teen Vogue, the Hin-Yari Ohana Lip Gloss by Felissimo is meant to recreate the sensation of kissing a cat's wet nose — a feat that would immediately result in a claw to the face with my two cats. How does the lippie recreate the sensation? The feat is partially accomplished by scenting the gloss with kitten milk — the specially formulated milk used to feed kittens.

While that may sound odd, the gloss does also have some serious benefits. Shea butter and hyaluronic acid are both found in the gloss making it not just an interesting product but good for you, too.

With a rollerball as an applicator, the gloss will moisturize will giving you the feeling of kissing your favorite feline's nose, and it comes in a few different shades. The feline gloss can be bought in orange, pink, and yellow.

The gloss is undeniably cute, and while the kitten milk scent is kind of odd, I'm actually kind of into this. It's hard to resist that kitten face on the packaging, right?

If you want to purchase the product, though, you'll be waiting for a bit. Unfortunately, the Felissimo kitten lip gloss is only shipping to Japan. Until then, though, there are still some other kitten products to shop.

1. Kitten Headband

Etude House My Beauty Tool Kitty Hair Band, $12, Amazon

If you love a good cleanse or having your hair pulled back while you put on makeup, this adorable headband is perfect.

Baby Magic Mask Sheet Soothing Cat, $8, Amazon

This adorable sheetmask is another great option. It's printed to look like an adorable kitten's face.

Hello Pretty Kit, $34, ColourPop

If you want something somewhat kitty related but definitely totally normal, you can't miss the Hello Kitty x ColourPop collection.

Cat lovers, rejoice. Clearly, there's no shortage of kitty-related products to choose from.