This Winged Eyeliner Hack Involves Tweezers

I am obsessed with winged eyeliner hacks and am constantly seeking new techniques to avoid a bunk flick or uneven wing. I thought I found the ultimate eyeliner hack last week, courtesy of "the Bobby pin eyeliner hack, " in which a vlogger painted the tips of a Bobby pin with liquid liner and then pressed it into her skin, with the shorter side on the top. It was an excellent stencil that helped her connect lines and to create that much desired flick.

Another vlogger used a pair of curved tweezers as a winged eyeliner hack. The tweezer imprint was an easy and excellent guide. The result was the hard-to-achieve perfect flick.

The Internet MUA known as "mercedesbenssz" coated the tips of the tweezing tool with black liquid liner and then carefully stamped them into the skin next to her her eye, much like the Vamp Stamp.

As always — and I cannot understate this — please be extremely careful when putting any sharp or pointy object near your eyes. The skin around eyes is delicate and your eyes themselves are precious, so proceed with additional caution when using a tool such as this to create a wing.

I once again am totally impressed by the inventiveness of an online MUA. They think of things that I never would.

It's easy and brilliant. Just paint the tips of a bent pair of tweezers.

Press the painted tips into the skin... carefully!

This is the stamp x guide that is left behind. It's better then going freehand!

You then use the stamp as a guide to fill in and/or connect your over-the -lashline lines!

UPDATE: Mercedesbenssz told Bustle, "I came up with this hack because it seems hard to hack a perfect wing eyeliner. I know that practice makes perfect to get a nice sharp eyeliner. Why don't we just cut corners and use tweezers? These are not your normal tweezers, though. If you find the right angled tweezers, you will map out nice wing eyeliner. All you need is the liquid eyeliner of your choice.

"Use the eyeliner applicator to apply it to the tweezers and press it on like a stamp. Then, finish off the rest with the eyeliner applicator. I chose this hack because in the future I want to come up with my own liquid eyeliner. Because out of all makeup products, eyeliner is just my niche.

"If you can not tell from my videos already, I am always trying new hacks to create the perfect wing eyeliner for you guys. So, don't give up if you feel like you can't accomplish the perfect wing eyeliner on your first try....When you feel like giving up, just think of what keeps you going."

There you have it — another brilliant eyeliner hack. What will vloggers and Internet MUAs think of next?!