Lisa Frank X Glamour Dolls Will Change Your Life

by Augusta Statz

If you didn’t have a Lisa Frank trapper keeper, pencil holder, binder and book bag, then you clearly didn’t go to elementary school in the ‘90s. Because seriously, Lisa Frank items were the things to have, and I know you know what I’m talking about. So, now that I've got you all nostalgic for the ‘90s, it's time for the good news! Glamour Dolls announced a Lisa Frank makeup collaboration — and just wait for it because it gets better. There’s even a way for you to get involved in the creation process.

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Yep, when you back this collaboration on Kickstarter, you’ll have access to treats such as voting on product names, picking shades and more, according to the information on Kickstarter. Glamour Dolls Co-Founder Jessica Romano tells Bustle via email, "We chose [to bring] this campaign to Kickstarter because Lisa's fans are SO dedicated and so passionate we wanted to include them in the process. So we have so many fun things planned from naming products to games to live reveals." Needless to say, there's a lot to look forward to with this partnership. Besides, you could use some more Lisa Frank in your adult life, too, right? Thought so!

The Kickstarter’s striving to create lip balm, highlighter, eye liner and more all inspired by the quirky, fun prints and colors used to bring Lisa Frank to life. Expect lots of pink, unicorn and leopard prints. Umm, YAS!

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This preview image alone should have you super excited for what's to come!

Kandee Johnson fills you in on even more of the details about the collaboration in this video and shows how to create this rainbow leopard-print lip.

Courtesy Glamour Dolls

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If you're feeling so overwhelmed with joy that your heart could just burst right about now, I can't say I blame you. But, you'll be over the moon to find out that the first product from the Lisa Frank X Glamour Dolls collab is already available for pre-order. According to the website, it'll ship out in April or May when you purchase one today!

Get ready for makeup that matches your unique unicorn status! The brush may already be available for pre-order, but as I mentioned, when you back this Kickstarter project, you'll open the door for the brands to create even more incredible beauty products.

Of course, people are more than here for this collection! What's not to love?

At the time of publication, there were still 44 more days left to help them reach their $30,000 goal. So, support this project to make sure all of your fabulous makeup needs are met!