This 8-Year-Old Girl Confounded By Maxi Pads Is Your New Hero

by Mia Mercado

If you had no idea what you were looking at the first time you ever saw a period product, then you will relate on an emotional level to this eight-year-old girl very confused by a menstrual pad. While filming a makeup tutorial (which is precious in itself), this blissfully unaware child finds something in the makeup bag she has very clearly never seen before: a pad. What ensues is a moment that is too hilariously pure for this world.

The video of this makeup-tutorial-turned-lesson-in-period-products was shared by the girl’s older sister Jaiden on Twitter, and has since been liked more than 38,000 times. It is well worth each of those likes and — if I'm being honest — so, so much more. Jaiden fittingly captioned her sister’s video, “When your 8 year old sister makes a makeup tutorial and sees a pad for the first time...what better use?”

Take a moment to think back to the first time you saw a menstrual product. Especially if that first time was well before you had any idea what a period even was, chances are your reaction was one of complete bewilderment. Tampons look like lame magic wands or Push Pops that are boring and not candy. And who even knows what to make of a maxi pad? Take 39 seconds of your day to remember that state of confusion as you watch Jaiden’s younger sister figure out what to do with this pad.

Brilliant. Amazing. 10/10. This child is a national treasure and should be protected at all cost. The intensity with which she examines the pad is perfection. You can basically see her running through every single object she knows in her head and mentally comparing it to this foreign object she holds in her hand. Is it like a cotton ball but less floofy? It is a bristle-less brush of some sort? She basically becomes the physical embodiment of the equation woman GIF.

If you’re wondering why she ultimately decided to put the pad on her forehead, what her motivation for such a bold artistic choice could possibly be, Jaiden offered one explanation via tweet, “She put makeup on the pad while it was on her forehead after- that's the secret.” Quite a secret indeed.

Perhaps Jaiden’s younger sister is onto something. Recently, YouTube beauty vlogger Ashley Blue DeFrancesco applied her makeup with a tampon. Another YouTube beauty guru Chloe Morello revealed a “crazy makeup hack”: applying makeup using menstrual pads. However, Morello and DeFrancesco’s looks were fueled by comedy and not, well, complete confusion.

While we may never know exactly what Jaiden's younger sister assumed the menstrual pad to be, we now all certainly know exactly what each of our faces must have looked like the first time we saw a pad.