Liv Purvis' New Papier Line Is Perfect For People Who Still Love A Physcial Diary

When I was a child, my ultimate destination for shopping sprees was Staples. Like many young adults, I had an obsession with notebooks, pens, and diaries, and every September, I had to walk into the new school year armed with a boujee new pencil case. And my love for stationery has continued into adulthood, particularly when it comes to paper diaries. No matter how 'digitally-minded' I am, I am never without my physical, manual paper diary, and I'm currently on the lookout for a 2020 option. So when I heard about the Liv Purvis x Papier collaboration, I knew I had struck gold. Here's everything you need to know about the beautiful pieces she's designed, and where to get them from.

If you're into stationery or cute cards, you'll be aware of Papier. The super cool online retailer offers bespoke diaries, notebooks, greeting cards and other desk must-haves in the sweetest designs around. So it makes sense that they partnered up with Liv Purvis, one of the chicest women on Instagram, for a collaboration.

The line comprises notebooks, notecard sets and diaries, all covered in illustrations of Liv's 'favourite things' or her favourite quotes. My ultimate pick is the gingham diary for 2020, which is emblazoned with the quote, "every day is a new beginning". But if gingham isn't your thing, there's plenty more to get excited about, and luckily, everything is available to shop right now.

Everything is totally affordable too, staying in line with Papier's accessible price points, and ranging from £1.09 for the notecards to £21.99 for the diaries and weekly planners.

Speaking about the process, Purvis explained on her blog: "From train ride doodles, a few email threads and a brilliant creative team at Papier who made everything more beautiful than I could have imagined, we have come up with a collection of a notebook in three gorgeous colourways, a yearly planner in three styles and a set of notecards- if you’re as much as a card writer as I am."

In an interview with Papier, she also revealed just why she enjoyed making her line so much, noting that she loved working with such a creative team, and that it allowed her to "flex my drawing muscle for the first time in forever." She also explained how important it is to keep things like a manual diary in such a digitised world:

"No matter how digitalised things become, I’m never, ever without my paper diary. Despite everyone having calendars on their phone, I’ve never moved making plans onto digital, and I’m not sure I ever will. I think it’s so much more satisfying pencilling things in and jotting down, and crossing out lists. It’s the same feeling with reading a book and feeling the pages, and feeling like you’ve accomplished something."

If, like me, you love stationery or are keeping an eye out for your dream 2020 diary, this collection is absolutely worth checking out. You can shop the entire Liv Purvis x Papier line over on Papier's website now.