This Long-Distance Bracelet Vibrates For The Other Person When You Tap It

While there are plenty of ways to connect with your loved ones who are far away through social media and video calls, nothing beats the power of touch when it comes to letting someone know that you’re thinking of them. Amazingly, there's a long distance bracelet set that’ll send your love to someone special, even if many miles separate you.

This set features two simple yet stylish bracelets, and all that you need to do to connect them is download an app. This allows you to send what they refer to as a "bond touch." But how? Simple. Just tap your bracelet. Once you do that, your loved one’s bracelet will light up and vibrate, letting them know that you’re thinking of them. They can respond back in kind — plus, this bracelet set will allow you to send up to 10 taps, so you and your partner can create your own secret codes and send messages to one another easily. Who doesn't love a good secret code?

These bracelets are waterproof (so you can wear them anywhere) and they're also rechargeable and easy to clean and maintain. Even if you're across state lines or on opposite coasts (or maybe you just want a way to connect when you're both at work), you can still stay close to those who matter.

Keep one for yourself and give the other to your parter, BFF, sibling, parent, or someone else you love. If you like this long distance bracelet set, then you might want to check out these other items made specifically to help people feel closer to one another.


Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Like the long distance bracelet set, this long distance friendship lamp will let your loved ones know that you’re thinking of them. A touch of the lamp will light up the other with the same glow. One of the best things about it is that you can create a group, so it’s perfect for friends and family. You can get one for each person and even assign colors. (Dibs on blue!) This way, you’ll know who’s sending the message. It’s easy to set up, so right after your purchase, you’ll be able to let your friends or family members know that they’re on your mind.


Pillow Talk

This fantastic innovation will enable you to listen to your loved ones’ heartbeat wherever you are in the world. Pillow Talk is a special couple's gadget that goes way beyond simple messaging. It brings the intimacy back to long-distance relationships by allowing you and your loved one to listen to each other’s heartbeats in your pillow when you go to bed. It’s almost like you’re with them... almost.

Pillow Talk comes with a wristband that picks up your heartbeat and a small speaker that plays the other person’s heartbeat in real-time. Just fasten on the wristband before you go to bed, position the speaker under your pillow, and listen as their heartbeat lulls you to sleep.


Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

The Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger will make sending messages to your loved ones more special. When you send a message through their easy-to-use app, the heart on the box spins, and all your loved one needs to do is open the box to read the message. Romantic, right?