Lush's Christmas Collection Tease Will Give You All Of The Festive Feels

Halloween and Christmas are just about two months apart, but both holidays generate lots of themed products, from delish Pumpkin Spice Cheerios to ghost candles to ugly Santa sweaters. Lush just revealed its entire Halloween collection, which is massive and adorablebecause of course it is. Lush also teased Christmas products, as well. The brand dropped a quick, two-product holiday hint on its Instagram — because where else? The image will give you all of the holiday season feels, even though summer hasn't even fully faded out yet.

According to the Insta caption, the #LushChristmas products will arrive at Lush boutiques in October. While Halloween is in full swing, the holiday season supply will make its way onto shelves. That's what happens when major holidays are butted up against one another.

Of course, freezing temperatures can dry out your skin during the fall and winter. So Lushies will need and want to pamper it with holiday products like the Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar and the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb. Both are pretty and pink, based on the visual tease.

Lush's back-to-back holiday launches may decimate your budget but they will certainly take good care of your skin.

Let's peep this #LushChristmas tease.

Does this star get you in a holiday mood? No, it's not red, gold, and/or green, which are traditional holiday colors. But it's sparkly, pink, and silver and that's good enough for me.

Here is another peek at the Halloween products. Bath time ghoulishness is quite the delight, too.

Taking care of your skin will truly be a treat this Halloween and holiday seasons, thanks to Lush. There is no excuse for bunk, sallow, or scaly skin when there is a wide and super cute variety of products such as this to play with.