This Magical Wine Glass Lets You Drink Red Wine Without Staining Your Teeth


Red wine may be delicious to drink, but the evidence it leaves on your teeth isn't always pretty. How many times have you caught a look at yourself in the mirror after a glass of Cabernet, only to realize that your entire mouth is stained purple? Luckily, wine lovers can now avoid the ugly aftermath of red wine, thanks to a new invention named Wino Sippers.

Created by wine accessory company Oenophilia, Wino Sippers are a newly invented wine glass that features a built-in straw at its side. Instead of drinking straight from the glass (and ending up with a wine stain literally all over your mouth), you just sip your Merlot through the straw and voilà — no stains.

So how much does this brilliant wine glass cost? The good news is, it's super affordable. Wino Sippers cost only $24 for a set of two glasses and each glass holds up to five ounces of wine. And don't worry, everyone — the straw won't look weird when you hold it. In fact, the glass is designed to fit comfortably in your palm, so you don't have to worry about losing your grip on those thin, fragile stems.

Wino Sippers, $24, Amazon

OenophiliaTV on YouTube

Of course, if you don't feel like shelling out money on new wine glasses, there is another perfectly acceptable option: just stick a regular ol' straw into your regular glass and sip away! Hey, it may not look as fancy as the Wino Sippers, but it works just as well.